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    New repeating error message

    Hi all, It’s been awhile, probably before the last firmware update since I’ve really checked my routers logs. But I notice an error message of kernel: XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX not mesh client, can't update it's ip This repeats every couple minutes. This is for a hardwired Rasberry pi that I have a...
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    Latest Firmware RT-AX88U & YouTubeTV

    It seems I’m having streaming issues with YouTubeTV with all my devices after upgrading to 9107 Netflix doesn’t seem to be an issue. Speed tests still come out good. I’m on a gigabit plan with my ISP. Using the stats for nerds menu all the connection speeds start off pretty good but shortly...
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    AX88U Upload Monitor

    Looks like Asus finally fixed this bug in their release. Thanks for your help everyone!
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    AX88U Network Map View List missing all Wired LAN devices

    So you left the switch hooked up to LAN 1&2 and the errors went away? Or did you disable WAN & LAN LAG? Did you try LAG the WAN but not the switch and see if there’s errors/missing wired ports in network view? I’m trying to see if the errors occur when both are aggregated or just one or the other.
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    AX88U Network Map View List missing all Wired LAN devices

    I might be wrong, someone please chime in if I am. But I thought I read somewhere that if your going to LAG the WAN you did so with the WAN port and port 4.
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    ax88u new firmware

    I’ve installed it. So far so good. Still doesn’t fix the QoS upload gauge though :(
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    RT-AX88U New official firmware Version

    Ditto. Anyone with any issues as of yet?
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    RT-AX88U Data Storage

    Oh wow. I might really want to consider the Merlin firmware. The stock doesn’t have anything like that. I guess you can select a mounted external flash drive as a location if need be? I’m assuming the stock firmware is regularly writing to RAM by default then dumps to flash occasionally? I...
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    RT-AX88U Data Storage

    Interesting. I was just concerned being it’s utilizing flash, then what’s the shelf life of that memory if the router is constantly writing to it with log entries and web statistics. I’m also assuming it’s basically just text it’s storing for everything. So 63mb should be able to store years...
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    RT-AX88U Data Storage

    Just curious, where does the router store things like traffic statistics and log data? Also how much space does it actually have? Is there an easy way to see how much space is available? Is it flash storage somewhere?
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    AX88U Upload Monitor

    Hi all, new here. Just recently purchased a RT-AX88U router. Very large over due update for me being I’m coming from a TP-Link Archer C9. Everything seems to be working great with the router. I have a gig subscription with my ISP and easily hitting 850 MBps with my iPhone 11 over Wi-Fi. Can’t...