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Random WAN Link Drops RT-AX88U Pro w/ CM3000

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Hi all,

I’ve recently paired an Asus RT-AX88U Pro with a Netgear CM3000. I noticed websites would sometimes stall to load and return unreachable results, while hitting refresh moments later and everything was fine again.

Also my son who is a gamer noted to be he would randomly get booted from his game server which was not common to happen before I did a hardware change.

I originally had the Asus router paired with an Arris S33, however being I was paying for mid-split but not receiving it because Xfinity doesn’t appear to ever be adding that modem to their approved list I switched over to the CM3000.

I checked the router log when one of this random stalls occurred and I see the following:

Apr 28 07:32:18 kernel: eth0 (Int switch port: 6) (Logical Port: 6) (phyId: 13) Link DOWN.
Apr 28 07:32:18 kernel: ^[[0;34m[NTC xport] xport_reset: rc = 0; intf = 3 port = 2 spd = 2.5G dup = 1
Apr 28 07:32:18 kernel: ^[[0m
Apr 28 07:32:22 WAN Connection: WAN(0) link down.
Apr 28 07:32:23 kernel: ^[[0;34m[NTC xport] xport_init: rc = 0; intf = 3 port = 2 spd = 2.5G dup = 1
Apr 28 07:32:23 kernel: ^[[0m
Apr 28 07:32:23 kernel: eth0 (Int switch port: 6) (Logical Port: 6) (phyId: 13) Link Up at 2500 mbps full duplex
Apr 28 07:32:25 WAN Connection: WAN(0) link up.

This is followed by a bunch of lines showing the router reestablishing an IP etc.

Has anyone got any suggestions? I think I’m going to try swapping the wire between the modem and router today, but really doubting this is it.

This seems to happen so randomly. Sometimes multiple times per day, other days none. The link appears to be dropping for just 3 seconds or so…

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