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    ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 (Owners)

    same goes for me, bought mine jan. 1st and have had 0 problems with it. does everything i need to do.
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    GT-AC5300 NEW Firmware Version

    updated mine last night, no problems
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    ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 (Owners)

    router up and running no problems at all, did not realize how broken my old router was till i got rid it.
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    ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 (Owners)

    just ordered one, it will be here friday. hopefully i got a good one with no trouble at all!!
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    Brand new AC88u 2.4Ghz not working

    wow, glad i found this thread!! i bought mine February 16, 2018 and am fortunate that it lasted till about 2 months ago when the 2.4 band started disappearing on me. it would come back on once i rebooted the router but died the other day for good. thankfully i bought 4 year geek squad warranty...
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    need some advice for router

    hi, i currently have a black knight router that i have had for 7 years or so with not 1 problem with it. i recently upgraded to fiber internet and TV and started looking into routers to see what was out there. i see that there are a lot of options to go with now and am a little overwhelmed with...
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    Asuswrt-Merlin is out

    just upgraded my 66u with no trouble at all. thanx merlin
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    Why do you use ASUSWRT-Merlin?

    my reasons for using it are easy access to merlin here in the forums, LED controll and it is has improvements over the base firmware.
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    External Antenna for RT-N66U

    i bought these for my router yesterday off ebay to try out anybody try those before?
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    Asuswrt-Merlin is out

    hi, i just flashed my router to this just now and noticed that my temps are at 54c, is that to hot or normal operating temp? i have the router setting in the open with no obstructions with room temp of 75F. sorry i am from USA and hate metric!!! merlin, please put option of using fahrenheit...
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    ASUS RT-N66U or Netgear WNDR4500?

    i went to best buy today with every intention of getting the 4500 today but ended up with the black knight, i got the last one they had in the store. :D the damn box even looks better :p
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    RT-N66R = RT-N66U (But . . .)

    ok, just updated. thanx
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    RT-N66R = RT-N66U (But . . .)

    hi, i bought a black knight at best buy today and noticed the R version like is talked about here, it has the firmware on it. but i am not experiencing any problems with it so far. it setup real easy and is working great so far. what changes were made from this firmware to the new one?