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    Solved How to kick/block a LAN connection? (LCFC (HeFei) Electronics Technolgy)

    I have turned off the powerline adapters that is connected to the LAN port as well as the ONT modem that is connected to the WAN port of the router, that wired device still shows up Edit: Resolved, turns out it was a lenovo thinkpad laptop but its weird because I disconnected it hours ago and...
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    Solved How to kick/block a LAN connection? (LCFC (HeFei) Electronics Technolgy)

    LCFC (HeFei) Electronics Technolgy Hi guys, have been looking at connected clients and spotted something out of the ordinary, a wired device but my LAN port 1 is currently connected to my powerline adapter and nothing else, does anyone recognize this manufacturer? Currently block its internet...
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    Hardware acceleration in newer firmware question

    Hi all, have used hardware acceleration in the pass (CTF and FA) which requires STP to be disabled for level 2 acceleration. However in my router ax58u with latest firmware, I see that it writes Archer: enabled Flow cache: enabled Even with STP enabled by default. Questions: 1. Is this...
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    Advice required for QoS/Bufferbloat setup

    Hi all, I consider this a tricky case and would like advice for the setup. My current broadband subscription is 1gbps downlink and 500mbps unlink. However I'm currently using a powerline adapter that have a bottleneck of 100mbps, NIC-wise, from router's LAN port 1 to my desktop. As it stands...
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    Weird internet drop if connection lost

    Hi, I have observed that if I am connecting to a server, let's say facebook and suddenly facebook is down, my connection will, after awhile be down as well, my internet connection would drop, wifi would drop. Possible speculation: My internet is reattempting to connect to the downed server...
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    Does VPNing to router makes connection to router more secure?

    Hi, I have an asus router, I set up a openvpn server on it and currently my computer connects to it via my wireless's default gateway IP The reason why I'm doing this is because I've read that we can stay safe by using VPN on unsecured wi-fi, as VPN will provide...
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    dd-wrt for RT-AC87R

    Hi, I'm a new user and would like to try out DD-WRT, I'm currently using asus merlin firmware. After frequent browsing of forum, I noticed cc666 has the issue of slow web browsing which I have experienced and not sure if it is due to the stock/merlin firmware or due to my ISP - MyRepublic...