Advice required for QoS/Bufferbloat setup

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Hi all,

I consider this a tricky case and would like advice for the setup.

My current broadband subscription is 1gbps downlink and 500mbps unlink.

However I'm currently using a powerline adapter that have a bottleneck of 100mbps, NIC-wise, from router's LAN port 1 to my desktop. As it stands, through the powerline adapter, I'm mostly able to get 50mbps for downlink and unlink.

Now the tricky situation here is that I'm getting bufferbloat, and would like to setup preferably CakeQos but couldn't possibly limit the overall bandwidth to 50mbps for upload/download for everyone that are using the WiFi.

Is there a way to possibly setup the QoS for a specific device? Or is there a better solution to my case?

Thank you for any advice.

Router would be RT-AX3000
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Connect this desktop over Wi-Fi with wireless adapter or wireless bridge. Your powerline adapter is the problem. Setting up Cake QoS turns your Gigabit router into up to 300Mbps router. You're about to create even more bottlenecks on your 1000/500 line. You don't need QoS at all.

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