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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2 is now available

    BUT... Isn't that like having your cake and eating it too?? AND ... I'll see myself out now... :) In all seriousness though, thank you Merlin for another great release.
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    Changing to AT&T Fiber 1G with AX-88U shows odd speed results

    I don't have the withdraw buttons and my wording is a bit different here, so I am assuming I must have clicked the withdraw at some point, just don't remember that.
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    Changing to AT&T Fiber 1G with AX-88U shows odd speed results

    I don't have any of the QoS options or Trend Micro enabled, but I do have diversion and Skynet running in addition to the standard firewall stuff, however, I even tried to turn off the add-ons and got the same results. So the internal download looks right then, so the router itself can't handle...
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    FYI on USB drives: AC3100 router with USB caught on fire

    Sorry I realized I didn't respond to these. It was a standard USB Memory stick, was a small compact stick though and probably got way too hot. The closet was designed as a media closet for a home theatre room so it was ventilated and they kept the door open as well for added flow. I wasn't...
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    Changing to AT&T Fiber 1G with AX-88U shows odd speed results

    All, So I am switching from Spectrum Cable 400/25 Internet to AT&T Fiber 1Gb Internet. Before the change I was only getting close to 400MB at my laptop which was hard-wired to a NETGEAR GSS116E Switch in the office that was wired to the AX-88U in the server closet. I then had to change that...
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    FYI on USB drives: AC3100 router with USB caught on fire

    Hi All, just an FYI... I had a AC3100 that I left with my ex-wife that had Merlin installed and a USB drive with diversion running when I moved out. It was running a slightly older 384 version but that is beside the point. I got a text yesterday that the that it caught fire. The USB Drive...
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    Buying a new router

    Thank you all! It seems for now I may be getting the AX58U (AX3000). The AX88U's are out of stock around me and I have been noticing a few issues in the forums with them after the .19 update. There are still a handful of the AX58U's around.
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    Odd Traffic Question

    Sorry for the late reply. Yea, I knew about @john9527's fork, but have been hesitant to move to it since it was based off of the older 374 base vs the 380 base. As for the main issue, yea, I'll chalk it up to closed components and internal router traffic. :/. If it gets too much, I'll just shut...
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    Odd Traffic Question

    Hello, I have an AC-3100 as my primary router running the latest stable 384.15. I also have another older RT-AC66R in on side of the house as a repeater running the latest it can at 380.70. Yesterday my primary router stopped responding in that the network was working fine and routing and...
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    uiDivStats uiDivStats - WebUI for Diversion statistics

    I'm currently running 384.14_2 on an AC3100 router which should be powerful enough to run the uiDivStats; however, whenever this runs I loose my DNS and internet subsequently seems to die. The CPU doesn't seem to spike too high, but right as my resolver died, I checked the logs and saw: Jan 29...
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    Diversion Diversion - the Router Ad-Blocker

    Quick question. I am running diversion, and pixelserv on an AC-3100. Right now it is on a USB 3.1-enabled thumb drive, but I am only utilizing the USB 2.0 port. I understand there is quite a speed difference in the two; but I wasn't sure for the type of activity that diversion or pixelserv is...
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    TOR Network hacked by 0v1ru$

    Close. They didn't hack as the title would lead you to believe though, they only tried to inject themselves as valid exit Tor nodes to de-anonymize users. <tin-foil hat> I don't use Tor, but for any anonymous system that allows arbitrary exit nodes, you figure any government, such as Russia...
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    Constant unwanted traffic to from RT-AC66U

    OK, in general I understand that if they were unrelated, but I would assume those settings worked together, i.e. that one would influence the other and if unchecking the boxes does not actually stop the dns pings then having to clear the nvram setting would stop it. The other way, perhaps the...
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    Constant unwanted traffic to from RT-AC66U

    Hello, I am seeing this as well. I noticed it via Diversion. I have a AC-3100 and AC-87U both and both of them had the checkboxes unchecked for the DNS and Ping settings for the Network Check so I would not expect it to try to resolve out to the server. Is this something that can be requested...
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    NTP Server sending incorrect timezone in 384.11

    I had initially assumed it was getting it from the GPS in the devices, but the GPS shows me near where I am in the correct timezone, an since the router now has the timezone, start/end weeks listed, I wasn't sure if there was an override somewhere I was unaware of. Thanks.