FYI on USB drives: AC3100 router with USB caught on fire

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Hi All, just an FYI...
I had a AC3100 that I left with my ex-wife that had Merlin installed and a USB drive with diversion running when I moved out. It was running a slightly older 384 version but that is beside the point.

I got a text yesterday that the that it caught fire. The USB Drive overheated and the entire unit went up in flames.
Fortunately, while it was in a closet where the incoming cable connection and modem was, that was in the office area so it was caught early smell smoke and no internet.

I just bring this up as an FYI to watch what USB drives are used and to just double-check internal temps and the temp of the USB occasionally since a lot of us, myself included on my new AX-88U router as well, also use one for tools like Diversion.

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wow I am stunned. Was there actual red-orange flames comming out or was it just very hot and smokey?


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Was it a small, unventilated closet?



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What kind of USB drive is this, memory stick, spinning HDD, or ssd? Was it also a brand name or just something cheap? I’m using a memory stick and it gets too hot to touch. I now have one heat sink sitting on top and one heat sink on the bottom and at time you can feel the heat from the heat sink.

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I have a Sandisk Cruzer 16GB flash drive in the USB3 port of my AC66U_B1 and it's slightly slightly cooler (96F) than the top of my router (100F) and cable modem (105F). Ambient is about 69F.


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Sorry I realized I didn't respond to these.
It was a standard USB Memory stick, was a small compact stick though and probably got way too hot. The closet was designed as a media closet for a home theatre room so it was ventilated and they kept the door open as well for added flow.
I wasn't there to actually see it, I really wish I was, BUT it was conveyed that it was actually on fire, i.e. flames.

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