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    [Thread-1] [ 386.1_Alpha Build(s) ] Testing available build(s)

    AX86U. Dirty from 3 to 4. Seems fine!
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    Merlin firmware for the new RT-AX86U?

    No. But aparently one doesn’t even work :/ i have policy rules to pipe all traffic from 3 clients through vpn and bliock if tunnel goes down. I can turn tunnel on and off and notice no difference - it’s just as if the policy rules aren’t in effect.
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    Merlin firmware for the new RT-AX86U?

    Got my AX86U on black friday deal yesterday.. Replaced my old AC68U. Running Merlin alpha on it now with VPN Server and VPN client. Everything rock solid so far!
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    What is the better purchase between the AX88U and AX86U?

    Alpha support for AX86U now so I just ordered mine today!
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    CPU to handle VPN?

    Thanks, i got 1000/1000 Mbps to a PC that can max the speed if uencrypted using the latest Merlin 384.19, talking to multiple clients on the other end. Read that Merlin had the project on pause makes me a bit worried :(
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    ASUS RT-AC68U Firmware version is out

    So is it safe to upgrade from the yet ? :) Edit: well, a quick look at the changelog .. seems fixed.. yay! will try the now!
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    ASUS RT-AC68U Firmware version is out

    Random reboots here too using this fw, reverting to as suggested - hope it helps!
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    RT-AC68 DDNS free trial (dnsomatic)

    Just curious why there is a link called "Free trial" next to the DDNS setting Even their FAQ says it's free and I can't find any reference to any trial periods. Anyone know what it means?
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    Clear notification exclamation mark

    With the lastest firmware I get the yellow exclamation mark notifying about the ftp issue.Is there any way to clear it or will it keep blinking until the next firmware update? AC68U
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    [RT-AC68U] Just bought one, any tips for a new comer?

    Is there a way to name the different devices that connect to the router? Sometime the name of the device shows next to the mac or ip. In DD-WRT it is possible.
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    [RT-AC68U] Just bought one, any tips for a new comer?

    Just plugged in my new router, and have a couple of quick questions. First of all, is there any website with recommendations of settings? I remember seeing one before I went and ordered this one but lost the link :( Firmwire version say and if I click "Check" it says...