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    RT-AX92U cannot add mesh node

    Same thing happened to me when setting up my parent's 92Us. Had to set it up hardwired first, AND I had to use the mobile app. After that, it worked. FWIW, the mobile app is handy for updating the firmware on both.
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    Asus RT-AX92U 2.4Ghz problem [SOLVED]

    I figured out the problem. It turns out, our old Canon printer was the culprit. I remembered I had to add legacy support to the router for the printer to work a long time ago. Once I pulled power from the printer, rebooted the router, everything started working again. A damn wireless...
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    RT-AX58U vs RT-AX68U vs RT-AX92U for small apartment?

    Sounds like you're getting some interference from something. The 5Ghz band should cover 350sq/ft easily. My AX92U 5Ghz-1 band covers my entire house (1700sq/ft) and the front and back yard. While I agree the AX92U is probably overkill for your situation, the tri-band on it may come in handy...
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    Asus RT-AX92U 2.4Ghz problem [SOLVED]

    I've never had a problem with this router until the past week or two. For some reason, my Ring doorbells go offline. Sometimes a reboot of the router fixes it, sometimes not. The doorbells were working perfectly over the past 2 months without issue, I haven't changed anything, or added any...
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    AX92U - Underrated?

    I was able to purchase a single AX92u, as I didn't need a mesh system, and it works great. I have the 5Ghz-2 radio working just fine for my laptop (AX200 card) and my phone (Samsung S21+). All other devices in the house connect to either the 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz-1 radio.
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    Asus RT AX92u /ISP connection issues

    Working fine for me, though I only use one of them.
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    Asus RT-AX92u and Intel AX200 wireless adapter

    Via web-interface or just through SSH? My parents are about to purchase the 2-pack for their house, and I'll have to set it up for them, that's why I'm asking.
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    Asus RT-AX92u and Intel AX200 wireless adapter

    Correct, connected to the backhaul. If you're not using it in a AI Mesh setup, the backhaul radio shows up like normal.
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    Asus RT-AX92u and Intel AX200 wireless adapter

    I found an Intel AX200 wireless card for my Asus G55-VW and installed it today (with the latest Intel drivers). It would connect to the router just fine, but not in AX mode. To remedy this, I changed the 5Ghz-2 band to AX mode only, 160Mhz only, and the channel to 100. After applying the...
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    Best Alternative to a Dual-Bay NAS?

    I do exactly what you are wanting to do with a Synology DS214SE NAS. And you don't need to plug it up to the USB 3.0 port on the router, just connect it via ethernet. You can even remotely download torrents and send them automatically to the NAS, which has it's own torrent client built into it.
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    RT-AC68U quick USB drive question

    I'm currently using the stock firmware and have my 4TB drive connected to the USB 3.0 port and working properly as a SAMBA share. But my question is, how can I quickly move files from one folder to another folder on the same drive (not meaning copying from a different drive)? When I access the...