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  1. whsbuss

    Wired AP vs Mesh with ethernet backhaul

    I have been using a Gen-2 eero 3-node mesh with ethernet backhaul for over 2 years. Coverage has been outstanding along with great internode speed. I'm looking for a wifi-6 mesh but will wait till there's more data on their performance.
  2. whsbuss

    Netgear MK62 opinions

    Thanks to both of you. I did have an original Orbi a few years back in my 3000 sq ft home and it did a great job.
  3. whsbuss

    Netgear MK62 opinions

    Looking to replace my wifi router with the new Netgear MK62. I know it was just released but has anyone giving it a run through? My current home is under the 3000 sq ft coverage area and I do have FiOS TV/Internet so I will need the bridge mode and if possible ethernet backhaul. Thanks
  4. whsbuss

    Verizon FiOS offering Orbi Wifi

    I saw an ad on TV a few days ago and then I saw this: Very interesting. If you read the fine print, updates are not available from Netgear only from Verizon.
  5. whsbuss

    AiMesh Question

    Well I've had to restart it every few weeks. Things slow down over time and then my ecobee3 lite shows a poor connection in the eero app. My home is just 2050 sq. ft and coverage is good.
  6. whsbuss

    very bad AiMesh performance

    What about ethernet backhaul? Shouldn't that take care of the bandwidth sharing issue?
  7. whsbuss

    AiMesh Question

    Not sure why that happens. I was looking at the 5300 to augment my older 68U as well. I do have ethernet backhaul.
  8. whsbuss

    AiMesh Question

    I'm looking to replace my eero gen.1 3-node system with two Asus routers, running AiMesh. I have an older RT-AC68U that was used before the eero and is in great working order. I will most likely purchase the AC86U as the main router/ap. My question is since I'm using FiOS and require the...
  9. whsbuss

    Table top access point

    I know the UniFi APs are made to be wall or ceiling mounted, but I used them successfully just sitting on a table or desk. They work best ethernet backhaul and have terrific bandwidth performance.
  10. whsbuss

    Moving to AiMesh

    Thank you for the response. Makes lots of sense. If I decided to not ethernet backhaul, would a try-band router(s) are better sense?
  11. whsbuss

    Moving to AiMesh

    I currently have a 3 node eero (previous hardware version) that I am giving to my son. I am interested in getting 2 Asus routers to deploy as AiMesh within my home. I have cat-6 to the locations so I don't need wireless mesh but I do want a single SSID similar to the eero. What's the best way...
  12. whsbuss

    Asus 86U - single SSID

    I am ready to dump my eero (version 1) system and go with the 86U. How do I setup a single SSID for both 2.4 and 5G so my devices just roam like they do under eero?
  13. whsbuss

    Newbie NAS questions

    Some retailers, like B&H Photo, sell Synology and QNAP with hard drives already installed. But even the diskless ones are very simple to install, both hardware and software. As a former My Cloud owner I found their features very rudimentary.
  14. whsbuss

    Verizon gigabit fios without verzon router?

    What ethernet cabling do you have? Cat 5e and above for 1GB
  15. whsbuss

    Connecting different IPs over same ethernet

    Yes J is for wall jack. The ethernet run from J3 to the top of eero #1 is going to the WAN port, which would see the VZ assigned IP. The ethernet run from the bottom of the eero to the switch would be the LAN IP of 10.0.0.x and then the switch going to various LAN devices. Yes I would assume the...