asus 86u

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  1. A

    Slow speeds and lag on new Asus 86U

    We recently got 362 down and 36 up fibre broadband with Virgin Media here in the UK. I ran a few speed tests when we first got the broadband modem and the speeds were exactly as advertised as long as you were in the same room as the modem. In my bedroom upstairs though, it would be halved...
  2. L

    Single Router (Asus86U/NG7800 vs Orbi)

    Hi, I currently have an Asus AC66U and it's becoming a bit flaky with disconnecting clients and intermittently disappearing SSIDs. I moved not too long ago into a 3 story house with stud walls/plasterboard. I had expected to upgrade immediately, but I had reasonable wifi in all rooms on...
  3. Radiant

    [BUG report] AC86U: USB 3 SSD Drive doesn't mount (connected before boot)

    After booting/rebooting AC86U my Orico SSD USB-C Case (JMicron Generic) connected in USB 3.0 mode doesn't mount, only manual reconnection works well. USB 2.0 mode of USB 3.0 port or USB 2.0 port works well too. Original ASUS ROM works fine with this case in USB 3.0 mode. Help me please! Thank...
  4. T

    What Asus router should I buy

    I currently have an AC3100 that covers about 85% of my house. There are 2 home offices w/ multiple VoIP lines. I have Spectrum highspeed and get 300mbps wired and mid 150's wireless in most areas. However, wireless gets really sketchy in a few areas and only works "sometimes." Most of the...
  5. P

    RT-AC68U or RT-AC86U?

    Hey everyone. I have a fiber internet line of 100Mbps, with the router that came with it. I was thinking of upgrading, but I’m not sure which of the routers to upgrade to. I enjoy gaming (especially Overwatch), and since I play on European servers from South Africa, I need enough bandwidth to...
  6. A

    Sky Q - Connection dropping AC86U

    Hey Sorry if this is the wrong place for this. Yesterday I replaced my sky broadband hub with the a modem + RT-86U running Merlin firmware. Everything seems great with the you’re, signal and speed far improved etc, however my Sky Q 2tb box and also Sky Q mini box are now constantly dropping...
  7. gamesbrainiac

    Maximising OpenVPN speeds with Dual WAN on ASUS RT-AC86U

    Hi there! I have an ASUS RT-AC86U. Currently, when I am using Dual WAN, I get speeds of about 120 Mbps, with just a single WAN, my speed is limited to 60 Mbps. However, when I turn on OpenVPN (single client connected to a VPN server) with dual WAN enabled the speed does not exceed 60 Mbps when...