asus rog rapture gt-ac5300

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  1. V

    Beta ASUS GT-AC5300 Firmware Release Beta

    I accidentally stumbled upon this version, which corrects general issues and updates information security. It is newer than the official Asus version. It also fixes AiMESH and security update stuck issues. In fact, there is no system update for the new version on the official website yet...
  2. nilands55s

    GT-AC5300 and PoE IP cameras

    So far I have 2 PoE IP cameras connected through a 5 port PoE switch with 2 Uplink ports, with 1 uplink port connected to an ASUS RP-AC1900 LAN port. The Dahua NVR (NVR5216 series) is the on the same boxes LAN. The RP-AC1900 is the mesh to an ASUS GT-AC5300. The RP-AC1900 is now a wired backhaul...
  3. R

    Need help on asus rog rapture gt-ac5300

    i have an asus rog rapture gt-ac5300. it was working fine when suddenly there was a power interruption that cause may router to soft brick... cant access the web gui. i mange to do re restoration and upload the latest firmware but the 5ghz connection drops/disconnecting from time to time. so i...
  4. Coorslightking1

    ASUS ROG RAPTURE GT-AC5300 vs NETGEAR R7800 Nighthawk X4S

    ASUS ROG RAPTURE GT-AC5300 vs NETGEAR R7800 Nighthawk X4S: #1 vs #2 on the router ranking. Which one would you buy?