Need help on asus rog rapture gt-ac5300

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i have an asus rog rapture gt-ac5300. it was working fine when suddenly there was a power interruption that cause may router to soft brick... cant access the web gui. i mange to do re restoration and upload the latest firmware but the 5ghz connection drops/disconnecting from time to time. so i restore the later firmware which is gt-ac5300_3.0.0.4_384_81695-gfade4d7_cferom_ubi.w, i restored it but all the wifi mac address is gone, no wifi connection, only lan conection is working, also also the internet access but wifi is totally gone the 3 bands of wifi do not exist. i tried hard reset but wif mac is not appearing. i itry to restore thru ssh but cant pass here it says mtd-write2: not found, do i neat a usb to ttl cable to make it work. i tried to follow this video..


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Did you hard reset the router using the following steps? (Power off, then power on the GT-AC5300 while holding the WPS button)

Ensure that NVRAM is cleared (the hard reset should do this), then flash your firmware of choice after the initial reboot - I'd recommend going with the latest version Set up the configuration manually, from scratch, do not restore your previous configuration from a backup.

If your GT-AC5300 still doesn't function correctly after the process above, I'd suspect potential surge damage from the power interruption, especially if that power interruption was caused by a lightning strike.
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You may also try to buy or borrow a new power adapter with the same specs and connector.
Usually what you're describing means bad luck :(


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Definitely consider a UPS with some decent surge protection as well. They're often overlooked in any setup and are worth their weight in gold for the equipment damage they usually prevent.


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i am able to do restoration... for now the 3rd band 5g gaming wifi is missing. cant do a hard reset coz it takes a lot of time to comeback online.... it take a day or half to work again...


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Seems that your GT-AC5300 has a hardware issue. It may still work to some extent but I wouldn't rely on it for too much longer.

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