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GT-AC5300 and PoE IP cameras

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So far I have 2 PoE IP cameras connected through a 5 port PoE switch with 2 Uplink ports, with 1 uplink port connected to an ASUS RP-AC1900 LAN port. The Dahua NVR (NVR5216 series) is the on the same boxes LAN. The RP-AC1900 is the mesh to an ASUS GT-AC5300. The RP-AC1900 is now a wired backhaul as of two day ago, and really beets WiFi backhaul.

My problem seems to be whatever is connected to the mesh router LAN ports(RP-AC1900) is hidden from the GT-AC5300. I can see WiFi connections but not the LAN connections. I have not found a way to get access to the RP-AC1900 ports via the GT-AC5300. While the NVR is happily working one of my cameras (XM-xiongmaitech) is not Dahua so I need to login to the camera's settings directly and would like to do this over my laptops WiFi, but I can't see or connect to it's IP I can't seem to reset the cameras IP either as it used to be on an open WRT router who's IP was behind a now retired Motorola router
I also Need Telnet access via windows 7 to do a camera reset. My laptop is the only device with anything window as a dual boot from Linux. I stop using Microsoft over 20 years now as it is impossibly slow and unsecured
Not sure but I am thinking Mesh mode is what is hiding my connections and I can't log into the RP-AC1900 any more even via it's LAN ports

cameras >> PoE switch >> RP-AC1900 LAN >> NVR
RP-AC1900 WAN >> GT-AC5300 LAN
Sounds like the AC1900 is not in AiMesh mode. If it were it should act as another switch and pass traffic to connected clients. I have a NAS connected to a LAN port of my AX86U AiMesh node and it works well. My PoE switch running my cams and NVR is connected to a LAN port of my router now but was connected to a LAN port of the AiMesh node before I made some cable additions.
Your cabling should be AC5300 Lan port to AC1900 WAN port then AC1900 lan port to PoE switch..

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