1. D

    Ax88u wtfast Internal error. Session cache inconsistency

    Hi everyone, I configured the wtfast settings and was already logged in without issues. The router logged me out after adding some changes (dont recall which exact changes they were) and it now complains with error"internal error. Session cache inconsistency" when trying to login to the wtfast...
  2. V

    Does Merlin extend AsusWRT with OpenWRT functions?

    Sorry if this is not the right section but not sure where to start. So I'm thinking about buy an Asus router and as a long term OpenWRT/Gargoyle user functions are important. For example important features for me are Adblock, MiniDLNA, SMB/FTP/local filesharing, Transmission, network printer...
  3. toaruScar

    Wrong network topology in AiMesh page, how should I fix it?

    +-------------------------+ +-------------------------+ | | | | | ZenWiFi XT8 | | ZenWiFi XT8 | | in | | in | |...
  4. E

    AsusWRT Merlin iptables

    Hello there! I have several (smarthome) devices that phone home while that is not necessary due to local integration. To block devices from accessing the internet I usually use the 'Block Internet Access' function in the GUI. It seems this function uses DROP to block access. The smarthome...
  5. kintamanate

    RT-AC86U - no lights (except port 4), no connectivity

    Hello, I'll break my story into 3 parts, history, issue(s) and what I've tried, if you want to skim or just read ahead. My life's story About 8 years ago I started out with an AC68U. I used Asus and Merlin firmware on it. Two years ago when I moved into a bigger place I got an AC86U to put...
  6. M

    Issue after enabling access to bridged modem UI - AC3100

    Hello all - I'm by far not a networking guru, I over the past week have purchased an ASUS RT-AC3100, installed asuswrt-merlin (so awesome!), and then pihole alongside my Emby server ( using these instructions: -...
  7. A

    Asus RT -Ac 58U after upgrade to firmware:

    Hello and welcome. I am new and my knowledge in this subject is small From several days I have had the same error in loop. looks below Jan 19 17:24:37 dnsmasq[14322]: Maximum number of concurrent DNS queries reached (max: 150) Jan 19 17:24:43 dnsmasq[14322]: Maximum number of concurrent DNS...
  8. octopus

    [384.15_Alpha - builds] Testing all variants.!AGY2taGX02nVmWA&id=CCE5625ED3599CE0!1427&cid=CCE5625ED3599CE0 Changelog-NG Keep in mind its early testbuild without any support. Available builds...
  9. masterjx9

    How to setup site-to-site TUN connect with 2 Asus routers (Video draft)

    I am working on an indepth video on how to setup a site-to-site connection with 2 asus routers. So far I have created my "Quick talk" part of my video where I explain everything very fast. I did this so that people who watch the full video aren't bored with stuff they may already know. The...
  10. I

    ASUSWRT Hanging...

    Asus GT-AC2900 Firmware: Whenever I use ASUSWRT on my iMac, MacBook (http and https), iPhone, or iPad, at some point within 30 minutes it hangs, and the only way I can get back into the settings is to reboot the router. Anyone else experienced this and found a fix? It...
  11. B

    AsusWRT Compromised in recent vulnerability, we’re Merlin builds affected.

    I didn’t find a post on this already and if there is, please forgive me and I’ll delete this. We’re devices with Merlins build installed also compromised?
  12. J

    Advertise router DNS to VPN clients as 2nd DNS server

    Hi all, I've got a TUN OpenVPN Server running fine on my RT-AC86U with Merlin 384.13. But I have a problem when specifying the DNS servers my VPN clients should use. For example: router IP is, primary DNS server is I want my VPN clients to use the primary DNS server...
  13. S

    DS-LITE and DSL-AC68U (with GNUton Merlin)

    Hi all I do really need your support as I believe I am almost there, but I don't manage to find a solution :( So, long story short, I have the same issue of the user dopefish reported here: [Release 382] Asuswrt-Merlin 382.1 is now available Basically, my ISP - like most of German ISPs - is...
  14. F

    AsusWRT OpenVPN client like on Merlin

    is there any way to use the openvpn client in asuswrt as on merlin (that through VPN there passed a traffic only on certain ip)?
  15. octopus

    [384.14_Alpha - builds] Testing all variants.!AGY2taGX02nVmWA&id=CCE5625ED3599CE0!1427&cid=CCE5625ED3599CE0 Keep in mind its early testbuild without any support. Alpha 1 RT-AC68U for now. - 384.14_alpha1-g8e96494aae Have some bug(s) RT-AC68U new build. -...
  16. S

    [Feature Discussion] The Fabled Roaming Block List

    Okay, So I have added all my "stationary" devices to this list. When I mean stationary, I mean devices that never move or change location. I feel as though there is no real need or added benefit to allowing these devices to be roamed between nodes. I am starting this thread to see if any one...
  17. U

    5 GHz Connection Speeds on 384.13

    Thanks for the great work, @RMerlin ! I updated to 384.13 from 384.12 today on an RT-AC3100 and noticed almost immediately that my 5GHz 802.11ac clients were no longer able to connect at full speeds. The fastest speeds under System Log - Wireless Log -> 5GHz were 228 Mbps. I know for a fact...
  18. Olivier

    [RT-AX88U] New Firmware version 3004.384_6210

    Firmware version 3004.384_6210 - Release Note - Bug fixes and improvement: 1. Optimized AiMesh backhaul connection. 2. System stability improvement. 3. Fixed IPv6 related bugs.
  19. J

    wsdd2 from Entware collides with Asuswrt-Merlin 384.12

    I installed wsdd2 from Entware on my RT-AC68U with Asuswrt-Merlin 384.12. And I noticed that wsdd2 was also imported into Asuswrt-Merlin 384.12. I disabled everything about samba and wsdd2. Here's the output of command ps. (Attachment ps_state.txt) Here is the output of netstat -nlp...
  20. S

    [RT-AX88U] Running iperf/iperf3 on asuswrt-merlin

    I SSHed into the router but I cannot find the iperf/iperf3 binary included. I did a little digging and most threads just say that it is included in most dd-wrt builds. Is there a way I can get iperf on the router. Also, there doesn't seem to be a package manager I can use to download it. I...