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  1. Z

    Solved Your ISP's DHCP does not function properly.

    After factory resting my asus ax86u I keep getting this message and flacky internet. I tried unseting and resetting the passthrough settings on my ATT BGW210 and it still not working correctly. also If I try to run amtm i get this which is how I found the issue NTP not ready, check that the...
  2. Z

    AT&T fiber 1000 speed is throttling and other ipv4 issues

    so I have AT&T fiber 1000 service and the modem they gave me (The Motrela BGW-210) is crap. So I bought an rt-ax86u and I noticed imeaditly that on my hardwired pc (With the same ethernet cable) is getting half the speeds I would get connected directly to the modem (I have the modem in IP...
  3. S

    DDOS... It's happening

    About 2 weeks ago a "friend of a friend" joined an xbox party I was in. My friends and I were in game chat (not party chat) and this person started counting down in messages 10,9,8 etc. He got to 1 and the next message said GAME OVER. We all got booted. I came back online and rejoined the party...
  4. S

    RT-AC68, IP not updating in DDNS, using mobile hotspot & Openvpn

    Using an Asus Rt-AC68p router with latest Asuswrt-Merlin installed. I have a mobile hotspot (At&t) connected to its USB port and USB activated in the router. My computer is connected to the router and an internet connection is successful with this arraignment and my computer has a reported...
  5. Scooterit

    AT&T Fiber for business let-down

    Here is a fun one.... I need to move a Law firm to a new location. Everything needs to happen over the weekend. So everyone can get to work on Monday morning. We had an At&T Business fiber modem installed last week Monday to make sure the backbone of the iT infrastructure would be in place. It...
  6. MeatSection

    BGW-210 with route behind Static IPS

    Let me first say I appreciate everyone's input from the beginning and yes I have searched and spent time on the horn with ATT. I get a different answer and result from nearly everyone I know of. I am trying to setup BGW-210 -> Asus RT66U -> Manage Switch -> Servers (w/static IP block) I do...
  7. SevenFactors

    Port 10 Open & Responding to ICMP request?

    I recently got AT&T as my ISP. The combo-box router they left me with is a Pace 5268ac. What a nightmare of interface. I've set my RTN66U on what they call DMZ+ so that it may access WAN directly, do all the firewall business & handle my LAN/WLAN. When I do this everything seems to work find...