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  1. D

    Wifi signal disappears after setting router to AP Mode

    Set Up: Asus AX86U as main router, with Asus AX55 as AI mesh connected via ethernet backhaul. Previously, my AX86U was connected to the ISP modem in bridge mode, meaning my AX86U got its own public facing IP and all was well. However, I changed ISPs recently, and the new modem was installed in...
  2. toothmania

    RT-AX86U | 388.1 | Slow

    Not sure if it's a general issue, but after upgrading to 388.1, my router page is super slow and it either crashes after a minute or it just keeps refreshing, is anyone else having that issue?
  3. D

    Which AX86 router has (will have) the best Merlin support?

    I'm about to replace my AC86U router and I can see 3 candidate routers on the market: AX86S AX86U AX86U Pro I don't care too much about processor speed, but I'm rather interested about the software. "AX86U Pro" doesn't have the same Merlin software as the other ones. Are there some differences...
  4. Rick Dean

    Asus RT-AX86U How to stop hackers...Nothing works

    I've tried everything but still my 86U is taken over within hours of a hard reset. Appears to me the certificate is being replaced. My passwords are 32 characters generated. It's like an evil spirit has taken over the router. Been thru all the settings and have contacted Asus with little...
  5. M

    AX3000v2 vs AX86U

    I have a 600mbs fibre connection to my modem. Have opted to get an Asus router as they support wireguard on some models. I don't really need the wifi as I have a Linksys MX5300 mesh system set up (total of 5 nodes, of the 4 remote nodes, 3 are wired: CAT 5e,7,and 8). I need a new router as I...
  6. C

    AX86u & GT-AX6000 2.5gb LAN speed issue

    Hey all, I’ve been testing out an AX86u and GT-AX6000 and am having a weird issue with LAN speed. internet connection: 1200/200 Xfinity Devices: Xfinity XB8 modem/router, in bridge mode (needed for 200 upload on xfinity unfortunately) AX86u, latest Merlin installed GT-AX6000, latest Merlin...
  7. N

    AX86U Hard wired node works but showing disconnected

    Since latest firmware update (388.1). My hard wired node AX86U showing cable disconnected. Cable is connected and works fine. When mesh status is checked on android app. It shows normal. Have both screenshots attached. I have reset both Router and node to factory and setup mesh again, that...
  8. kelsso

    ASUS RT-AX86U What port to use?

    I know very little about networking and need advice. I’m upgrading my parents second access point router from RT-N66U to RT-AX86U. Their main router is an AirPort Extreme (they’ll update this too in the future). They’re on a 500 mbps internet plan. What wan port should I use? Lastly, should I...
  9. D

    Maximum Password Length AC86U & Security of AX series

    Hi Maximum Password Length & Format for AC86U running the latest Asus WRT firmware (March 2022) ? Also, does the Asus AX series have better security? Thanks for your help. Polar
  10. i0ntempest

    AX86U PPPoE MTU problem/questions

    Hi all, So I've been trying to optimize my WAN MTU. I'm with Bell Fibe 1.5G and using HH4000 PPPoE passthrough, using merlin 386.7_2. From what I heard Bell should support baby jumbo frames and should allow 1500 MTU. But I noticed that if I set MTU and MRU to 1500 in WAN settings, I get...
  11. T

    Fiber coming -- time to replace the RT-N66U

    It was more than enough when speeds were limited to 3MB down / 1MB up and still ok with current 25/3, but the specs say it won't take full advantage of the 1GB fiber coming soon. So time to upgrade. I currently have the main network on 2.4 and 5 MHz bands, a guest network on 2.4 and a third...
  12. A

    Improving my Bufferbloat score

    Hi everyone, I currently have a home setup with 2 AX86U in mesh, on wired backhaul (cat 6) running Merlin 386.7_2 software. My internet connection is a 400/50 "hybrid" cable internet. I recently ran a bufferbloat test on my hardwired Windows 10 computer (connected directly via Cat6 to the main...
  13. Y

    Asus RT-AX86U: VPN Client in Fusion with "IPSec" and Shared Secret

    So long story short. i need to configure in my ASUS Asus RT-AX86U a VPN Client with IPsec and a Shared Secret. i have following infos: VPN-Typ: Name Serveraddress IPSec-ID IPSec Key/Shared Secret Account Password But when i go into VPN Fusion setting of my AX86U, i cannot find this VPN...
  14. splintrixx

    RT-AX86U 386.7_2 Internet not working after reboot and VPN Director not working properly.

    After upgrading from my AC86U I started to have issues with my internet after a reboot. The internet doesn't work despite the box showing the internet light is blinking and working. I can't even log in the router's site with a LAN cable connected to it unless I disconnect the WAN port. The only...
  15. R

    sanity check / requirements for use of either ExpressVPN or NordVPN with Asus + AsusWRT-Merlin, also FlashRouters

    New to SMB Forums, first post, so forgive everything in advance... I am planning on upgrading my home network with a new Asus AX86U wireless router. Besides moving to Wi-Fi 6 (from 5), I also want to implement router-based VPN functionality for location masking and general identity protection...
  16. S

    [HELP] RT-AX86U has WiFi with spoofed MAC, no Ethernet

    So, unfortunately my first post on this forum will amount mostly to a long-winded description of me floundering to pump the life back into this router for the past 6 hours, but bear with me, because I’ve reached my wit’s end and I Really need the help at this point. Disclaimer: I am fully aware...
  17. i0ntempest

    AX86U on 386.7_2: Wireless falling back to 80MHz even if I set 160MHz?

    I just noticed that on the newest 386.7_2 firmware, if I set 160MHz on the 5GHz band, it will initially use 160MHz but later reduce to 80MHz (I'm seeing this using WiFi Explorer on macOS). I know 160MHz is 99% unnecessary, I just want to know if this is the intended behavior with this new...
  18. A

    Asus Router app, Account Binding.

    I’ve been taking a look at the Asus Router app for iOS and one of things it allows you to do is to bind your Google account (in my case) to my router, but I can’t seem to find any explanation as to what it does, does anyone have any info?
  19. Shahin

    What's RT-AX86U Pro?!

    I was checking the new ASUSWRT 2022 website; I noticed this (RT-AX86U Pro) on the page! Is it launched, or will it be a new product to be launched later?
  20. L

    AX86 placement in mesh setup

    Hey all - AiMesh setup question. Can I use the slower AC86u as the main router in the basement and the faster AX86u in the main floor of the house as a node, (it is where most home traffic is)? The main basement router usually has a low client count and is far removed from everyone. I wasn't...