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  1. E

    386.7.2 Adaptive QOS Wan/Lan Bandwidth monitor broken AC68u

    Hi. Is it just me or did this break in the last firmware version update? I could swear it was working fine for the longest time in the year gone by. The bandwith monitor reports virtually all traffic as upload and the download only barely budges occasionally. The only add-on running here...
  2. D

    how to get a list of named clients ("Bobs-iPhone") from shell to detect visitors

    From the ASUS shell, how can I get a list of connected clients (by device name, for example "Bobs-iPhone" is how they usually show up) as well as MAC address? This is similar to just looking at the Network Map in the ASUS UI, but I need to know on an hourly basis, when clients are there and...
  3. Kashif Tasneem

    GT AX-11000 Traffic Analyzer for Secondary WAN?

    Hi. I have setup dual WAN as fail over on my AX-11000 router. For last 4 days, my primary WAN is down and secondary WAN is up. Today I noticed that traffic analyzer is not being populated. Is this normal that data is not populated from secondary WAN? Can I do anything to fix it?
  4. T

    RT-AC86U - running VPN - Adaptive QOS, bandwidth monitor not working

    Running Asus Merlin 382.1.2 with IPvanish Open VPNclient setup on router. I have noticed that when connected to the VPN that the Adaptive QOS bandwidth monitor meters are not accurate. When downloading the download meter shows nothing and the upload meter is showing the download bandwidth. On...
  5. B

    asuswrt-merlin: Better traffic status analytics

    Running asuswrt-merlin on an Asus RT-N66U I'd like to be able to gather the historical bandwidth traffic data, by IP, from my router onto my computer so I can analyze and display the data better than the asuswrt-merlin web interface is capable of. A few questions: 1. I can get overall network...
  6. Adam Siemiginowski

    'Traffic Not Detected' in Adaptive QoS / Bandwidth Monitor

    Many of my devices in the Adaptive QoS / Bandwidth Monitor display 0.0 kB Up/Down traffic - net they obviously have network access and are transmitting data. Why is that? To be specific, I have a few Citizen CT-S601 printers, hard-wired to the primary router, and each of the two access points...
  7. S

    Realtime traffic analysis using port mirroring/packet sniffing

    We have been having quite a bit of streaming problems around the house. The dropouts last anywhere from 5 to 20 seconds or sometimes the stream (twitch, youtube, Netflix, HBO) just times out and has to be restarted. I have a smart switch so the obvious approach was to set up a mirror port. I...
  8. Mears148

    Adaptive QoS Bandwidth Monitor No Longer Working

    Since upgrading to the latest official firmware from ASUS I have noticed that the bandwidth monitoring feature has stopped accurately reporting download and upload traffic. When I run a speed test for example, I get around 2.8Mbps, which is what Adaptive QoS is set to, but the...