client device list

  1. B

    bulk edits of client list / manually assigned IP's

    Hi I'm running a Blue Cave with stock firmware. is there a way of doing a bulk renaming of assets in the client list, or a bulk uploading / configuring of manully assigned IP addresses? I was thinking along the lines of downloading the appropriate file, editing it then uploading to router /...
  2. S

    Is this Client listing normal?

    When I click on “View List” of my 1 year old bone stock ASUS RT-AC68U router operating in “Wireless Router” mode I see an “ASUS router RT-AC68U” listed connected to my regular 2.4GHz interface. The “Client IP address” is which I can’t find anywhere on my network or other places on...
  3. V

    Asus AX88U router - LAN clients IP missing

    Hello Everybody. I'm new to the forum, and not very experienced LAN biulder but the problem seems to be quite primitive and obvious. Angry IP scanner shows the correct number of 21 devices present in the LAN. Same time ASUS GUI Network Map shows there are 9-17 devices present in the LAN (what is...
  4. Mar Vi

    Removing old or offline devices off the client list... 2019

    I didn't want to create a new thread about this but after searching and reading some older threads with no solutions, I thought I'd give a shot in 2019. I have a TP-Link device listed on my Asus GUI. I have stopped using this device for nearly a month now. But the router (RT-AC68U with latest...