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  1. RMerlin

    Current plans regarding separate version branches

    I thought I'd make a post clarifying the current plans regarding the separate versions (386 and 388), and future plans. 386 branch: This branch is for older models that Asus didn't move to the 388 codebase. This includes three Broadcom SDKs: - SDK 6.x (RT-AC68U) - SDK 7.14 (RT-AC88U...
  2. ExtremeFiretop

    MerlinAU MerlinAU v1.1.0 - The Ultimate Firmware Auto-Updater (Now available in AMTM)

    Hello SNB Community, We're pleased to introduce an exciting new add-on for Asuswrt-Merlin: MerlinAU (Merlin AutoUpdate). This tool is designed to streamline and automate firmware updates, making your router maintenance simpler and smoother than ever. What's MerlinAU All About? MerlinAU is...
  3. ExtremeFiretop

    Seeking Feedback & Contributions: Merlin Auto Update Solutions

    Hello everyone! This is a continuation of the previous thread regarding the need for automatic firmware updates on Merlin. EDIT: --- THIS IS A PROJECT FOR ME AND FRIENDS ONLY --- Don't get the idea this is going to be offered on AMTM anytime soon, if anything I still need to learn the...
  4. Nick B

    Adding/Maintaining Support for RT-AX89X in Merlin (from One Dev to Another)

    Hello everyone, This is about me adding support for RT-AX89X. It's primarily addressed to @RMerlin, but if anyone has specific technical details, feel free to jump in and assist in the answering with @RMerlin. That being said, I just want to start with that I'm not just a user. I'm not asking...
  5. A

    Troubleshooting/Development on VM systems

    Hey everyone, I've been scouring Google and forums, but can't seem to get a decent (or at least a comfortable) answer to this question. Maybe I wasn't using the right keywords, etc, but please lend me your knowledge. The main unit I use is an Asus with Merlin If I want to create a virtual...
  6. RMerlin

    [Dev] Documentation for building the firmware under WSL2

    Since Windows 10 version 2004 (and WSL2) are now officially available outside of the Insider Preview program, I figured I should finally clean up my notes, and document how to setup WSL2 to compile Asuswrt-Merlin. I initially tried this on my new laptop to see how the performance was. First...
  7. xendi

    My Own Router Admin Page?

    I know PHP, Javascript, and Python. Does anyone know how to create your own page in the admin web GUI? I want to create some addons. There must be some kind of hooks to do it.
  8. sfx2000

    WikiDevi shutting down 10/31/2019

    FYI... impending loss of a great resource... It's a terrible loss to the community... hopefully someone picks up the reigns to continue the site...
  9. sfx2000

    [Review] - GL.iNet AR300M Travel Router/IOT Hub

    Place marker for now - as I have some open questions to the OEM... It's a neat little device as a travel router, IOT hub, and developer box - QC-Atheros based and fully supported by OpenWRT. While it's only an N300/WiFi (4) device, the software support makes it worthwhile - and the hardware...
  10. T

    conntrack tool not work. maybe libnfnetlink problem

    I have a RT-AC68U router and need to flush nat conntrack for some reasons. I tried compiled conntrack tool and it does not work. I have noticed that there exist libnfnetlink in router, so I tried below code to do a test: #include "libnfnetlink/libnfnetlink.h" #include...
  11. RMerlin

    Small development update

    Since I'm currently juggling with a bunch of balls all at once and people are a bit confused about things, here's a small update about the development side of things. After 384.4 was released, focus was switched to 380.70. The plan is to backport a few simple fixes from 384, in addition to a...
  12. Voxel

    OpenSSL hardware acceleration

    Question to @RMerlin, @sfx2000 and maybe other experts and developers: I’ve prepared a test build of firmware for R9000 (Alpine AL-514, Cortex-A15) with hardware acceleration of OpenSSL using cryptodev engine, /dev/crypto (cryptodev-linux,
  13. Jofkos

    Working dev environment

    I'd like to modificate some little things on my router, so it'd be great to have a working development environment. I tried to import the whole git project in CLion, but I have no idea how to tell CLion where all the sources are located. What IDE is the best for that purpose and how do I have to...