dns filtering

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  1. V

    Opera DNS-over tls

    So we now have apple private relay blocked, firefox blocked and now i am left with Opera. Short of making a list of servers and just block all of them, is there a better way of blocking Opera from using dns over tls? If i can't do this with merlin, could i do it with opensense or some other...
  2. A

    Stock firmware - Add manual DNS entry

    Hi, I bought an Asus RT-AXE7800 some time ago and while it is working alright, I am unable to customize it to my liking. Basically I want to add a manual DNS entry to forward requests to xxxx.com to a local IP, something I had been doing on my Pihole for some time. Is that possible using this...
  3. D

    Need help understanding DNS..

    Hi, I don't know much about DNS and looking for some advice, I'll try keep it short and easy to understand. I will say I have OpenVPN with Torguard set as a VPN Client 1 on an AC86U, working fine (although the adblock from Diversion stops working which I assume is from the DNS/VPN). I would...
  4. gspannu

    VPN Client Director DNS Filter - Guidance needed for simple setup

    Need some assistance on setting up VPN Director/ VPN Client. Current setup: - Router: ASUS RT-AX88U running latest 386.3 - Add-ons: Diversion - I have about 12 clients connected (Ethernet & WifI) WAN: - Connect to DNS Server automatically (so is using the ISP servers) LAN: - DNS Filter: ON/...
  5. O

    How do I use a user script to notify my DNS filtering service of my new dynamic IP address?

    Until today, I used a script called by a cron on my Linux computer, to notify my DNS based filtering service of my current public IP address. (I use cleanbrowsing.org) However, my computer is not always on. So I want to move this notification to my router (rt-ac68u with the latest Merlin...
  6. U

    Pihole + Unbound with VPN client on AC86U Merlin

    Hi all, I'm new here and, as you will discern from this post, new to networking as a whole. I would be grateful for any general advice or input around my setup. I have some specific questions that are down to knowledge gaps and understanding. The main aim of this setup is to increase security...
  7. d0g

    Need help with DNS filtering

    I'm trying to block porn etc from kids devices. Sorry if noob question! In WAN I have DNS set to AdGuard (because I want to block ads for all devices), with DoT set to "CleanBrowsing 1 security" In LAN - DHCP Server I have: In DNSFilter I have: And yet browsing to all porn sites still...
  8. gspannu

    SOLVED: Help: Diversion, DNSCrypt-Proxy; client exclusion

    Need some assistance with my setup.. RT-AX88U running Diversion & DNSCrypt-Proxy Requirements: - All of my clients to go through DNSCrypt & Diversion Ad-Blocking - 2 of my clients to totally bypass Diversion, but still use DNSCrypt. On searching the forums and Diversion website; there is a...
  9. A

    DNS Filter DoT Support

    Hello, I was wondering if a checkbox can be added in the DNS Filter page, to also redirect port 853 instead of dropping packets if they're not for the same filter IP? Pretty much all of the preconfigured DNS services now support DoT and DoH, and I run a pihole VPS which I forward my DNS...
  10. T

    Block All DNS Except

    Is there a way to block all DNS on port 53 except for a specified device? I looked at SkyNET and the Asus WebUI and didn't see anything that really fit the bill. I could really just block 53 across the entire LAN since my DNS server uses 443 for DNS requests. Thanks,
  11. DarkWolfSLV

    DNS Filtering - Custom DNS?

    I like to manually configure DHCP and therefore for IPv4 I have configured (Quad9) as DNS server and for IPv6 I have 2620:fe::fe (Quad9 IPv6). ALL my devices correctly receive the following IP settings: IP: 172.16.0.X M: /24 DG: DNS: IP: 2001:A:B:C::1001 M: /64...
  12. K

    DNSFilter bypassed with Android (Pie) 9's Private DNS

    Under Android 9, using the 'Private DNS provider hostname' option*, under Private DNS, allows the bypassing of the Asuswrt-Merlin DNSFilter (/DNSFilter.asp). *:under Android 9: Settings > Network & internet > Advanced > Private DNS > Private DNS provider hostname.
  13. M

    DNS Filtering & Avast Antivirus

    Using the DNS Filtering on the router and setting it to OpenDNS works for MOST things, but Avast virus updates are failing. If I turn it off on the router and set the DNS on the PC to be openDNS servers, the updates work fine, so I'm pretty confident it isn't opendns or avast at fault. Any...
  14. P

    DNS based filtering

    I do use router RT-AC68U with 380.66_6 software. Whenever I try to enable DNS based filtering I can't connect to the network at all (devices are not getting IP). Anyone observe similar problem? Anyone uses DN filter and could advise how should I set it up? Greetings, Pawel
  15. G

    DNS filtering issue

    Strange situation with RT-AC66U. A few days ago Comodo Dome Shield was released so I would like to use it in our office network. I have switched off built-in DNS Filtering, added external IP of my router to Comodo Dome Shiled system and changed a security policy. DNS servers were changed to...
  16. P

    DNS Filtering blocking Netflix when using OpenDNS Family

    Hi, I have been using this successfully for at least a year where I set my daughter's devices to use OpenDNS Family in the DNS Based Filtering. However, the past few days she can suddenly not play any Netflix titles. Amazon and other streaming seems ok but Netflix just times out. As soon as I...
  17. G

    Force LAN clients to use local DNS when DNS filtering is enabled

    Hi there. I have DNS filtering turned on, and I'm using "OpenDNS Family" for the global filter with specific hosts using "OpenDNS Home." This will obviously force all DNS lookups to use OpenDNS. This is fine. I don't want to change that. However, when I'm connected to my LAN, I want to be able...