1. C

    dnsmasq --all-servers

    I want my router (ac68u 384_19) to query all dns and use the first one. DNSmasq allows this behaviour however I cannot find a way to do this. I tried fiddling with the dnsmasq.conf file but no luck. I use DoH proxy (https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/services/dns/doh_dnsmasq_https-dns-proxy) on...
  2. NogNeetMachinaal

    Struggling with dnsmasq

    I'm struggling with dnsmasq and a custom config. What I'm trying to accomplish: Porting a working dnsmasq install/config from Ubuntu to Merlin. On Ubuntu there are 3 config files: dnsmasq.conf, static-hosts.conf and static-dhcp-hosts.conf (attached in zip). The file static-hosts contains a...
  3. BreakingMad

    [RT-N66U] PiHole DNS / DNSMasq Question

    Hello, So I'm not actually new to the forum, I used to run under the name BreakingDad back in 2016 but I cannot retreive the password as I think it's set to a defunct email. That's another Issue though. Hello to those that remember me. What I'm trying to do is this. I have a Roku stick (UK)...
  4. M

    r7800 - repeating syslog message dnsmasq[19634]: NOT DNS Hijack mode!!!

    Since today I have many of these messages in the syslog. Mar 29 18:50:00 dnsmasq[19634]: NOT DNS Hijack mode!!! Mar 29 18:50:01 dnsmasq[19634]: NOT DNS Hijack mode!!! Mar 29 18:50:03 dnsmasq[19634]: NOT DNS Hijack mode!!! Mar 29 18:50:04
  5. B

    [SOLVED] DNSMasq [SEND_AMAS_NODE_EVENT:(4684)] ERROR connecting:No such file or directory.

    Hi, as other users here I am getting these every 30 seconds Feb 27 16:08:04 dnsmasq-script[6527]: connect error: No such file or directory Feb 27 16:08:04 dnsmasq-script[6527]: [SEND_AMAS_NODE_EVENT:(4684)] ERROR connecting:No such file or directory. What file is it looking for & where? Is...
  6. ffsb

    merlin+dnsmasq+ddns - can't seem to force resolve a public natted IP to the local subnet...

    Good Morning everyone! I am running an https service on one of my local subnet PC; I am also exposing this same service through merlin to the internet using port forwarding finally I am using DDNS to map my external IP to a proper dns name... something like: foo.bar.com -> via DDNS -> external...
  7. P

    TIP: How to get your public ipv4 address programmatical

    Of course you can open the WebUI to get your public ip address, but how about getting it programmatical? Actually, it's simple, just add this line to '/jffs/configs/dnsmasq.conf.add': interface-name=publicip.local,eth0/4 Now you can call: nslookup publicip.local or use for instance .Net's...
  8. I

    Asus AC88U loopback, Dnsmasq and Port Forwarding

    Hi everybody, and thanks in advance for your help. I have put a sensor in my mailbox, and I receive notifications when I got a mail (with HomeKit and IFTTT). But, I want to receive a picture from my outdoor camera when the mailbox is opened. So, I've found so local url that give me that...
  9. A

    Command to get all Wifi clients

    Hi guys, is there a command to get a list of all clients including the offline ones? I know there's a dnsmasq lease file for active clients, but can't find anything for the hosts and MAC addresses that connected to the network but went offline.
  10. N

    client OpenVPN and dnsmasq: Incorrent tun interface created?

    asuswrt merlin: 384.8_2 router: rt-ac68u Created client OpenVPN on router, interface tun11 was created (shown by route). However, in dnsmasq, interface tun21 and tun22 is used (shown by /etc/dnsmasq.conf) In my opinion, tun11 should be used in dnsmasq. Is this a bug? or does everyone just add...
  11. N

    Asuswrt Merlin, resolve client lan names on server-side?

    Asuswrt Merlin: I have a bidirectional OpenVPN connection running on 2 Asuswrt Merlin routers (firmware is current). But, I cannot perform a "nslookup pc.client.lan" on the OpenVPN Server? What I would like to do is resolve client lan names on the server. Does anyone know of a solution? [I spent...
  12. B

    DNSmasq - assign dhcp-range for mac addresses?

    Hi, I want to assign my virtual machines to a certain dhcp range. I have been playing around with dnsmasq.conf.add but cant get it to work. This is what i took from the dnsmasq man page: dhcp-host=00:15:23:*:*:*,net:VM dhcp-host=2a:11:11:*:*:*,net:VM dhcp-range=red,,
  13. Karl Perkins

    Lots of syslogs for "reducing DNS packet size for nameserver..."

    Seeing lots of these... Mar 11 11:40:05 dnsmasq[28427]: reducing DNS packet size for nameserver to 1280 Mar 11 11:40:05 dnsmasq[28427]: reducing DNS packet size for nameserver to 1280 Mar 11 11:41:06 dnsmasq[28427]: reducing DNS packet size for nameserver to 1280 Mar 11...
  14. B

    DNSMasq - Group dhcp assignment by Mac header ?

    Hi, I have a few hikvision cameras. They have only a few mac headers: C4:2F:90 C0:56:E3 BC:AD:28 B4:A3:82 ... Is it possible to use dnsmasq to autoassign IP in a certain segment per these mac addresses? Eg. all hikvision cameras get assigned an IP only between and
  15. macster2075


    Hi.. I am new to this firmware... Trying to figure out how to edit or setup DnsMasq in this firmware. I am trying to set this: address=/www.bing.com/ to force www.bing.com to restricted mode. How can I do this? Thank you.
  16. Sonyrolfy

    Trying to understand while connected trough a VPN client.

    Trying to understand while connected trough a VPN client in Server Address and Port. When Server Address is 84.xx.xxx.xxx and set Port manually to port 443, my log shows: dnsmasq[5041]: using nameserver 10.xx.xxx.x#53 dnsmasq[5041]: using nameserver 10.xx.xxx.x#53 Question: why is the...
  17. W

    route certain domains through client vpn

    Is there a way to route certain domains through a client vpn? I have been using Asus Merlin's build for a few months now. I moved from TomatoUSB to here. There is no going back. The only thing missing is to route domain names. With the use of cloudflare and others you can't rely and ip...
  18. dugaduga

    Dnsmasq & Ab-solution/Diversion restarting over and over

    Using the latest RT-AC68U 384.7-beta1, I had this issue with both Ab-solution and Diversion. Dnsmasq restarting over and over... logs: https://pastebin.com/PRd7jJXj This started after the latest entware and Diversion update. Hitting "apply" under lan/dhcp server typically fixed this issue, so...
  19. Zonkd

    Share possible DNS-Rebind logs

    System logs reveal possible DNS Rebind attacks so I share them here.. This is the first I've seen since upgrading to the latest Merlin Firmware, any thoughts?: dnsmasq[741]: possible DNS-rebind attack detected: localhost.megasyncloopback.mega.nz Please share your own! Info: Wikipedia says...
  20. thelonelycoder

    Diversion - the Router Ad-Blocker

    Welcome This is Diversion - the Router Ad-Blocker for Asuswrt-Merlin All install and update infos are on the Diversion website. May 04 2020 Diversion 4.1.12 is now available See the Diversion website or this post for the change log. Diversion is free to use under the GNU General Public...