1. huygens_25

    DHCP Server off and Guest WiFi

    Dear All, My question is how to maintain on the Asus router the DHCP server for isolated Guest WiFi (those without access to the LAN), but disable it for LAN and WiFi with access to LAN? When I turn off the DHCP server in the router interface, the isolated Guest WiFi are not working unless...
  2. Duncan Krebbers

    Can't get dnsmasq conf to work

    I'm trying to intercept a click on Amazon Dash buttons to execute a script in my home automation controller, but I can't seem to get the jffs-part of it to work. I followed the short guide from here, like this: I've created two files on my computer dnsmasq.conf.add...
  3. G

    OpenVPN client Site to Site

    Hello, I have recently installed an RT-AC68U router with original firmware and configured it so it establishes a VPN with OpenVPN to another site. On the other site the server is PfSense. Everything works just fine, i have added routing directives in both routers OpenVPN configuration so i can...