dual wan not working

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  1. G

    ASUS XT8 Dual WAN

    I am testing an iPhone hot spot as a secondary backup WAN to my ASUS XT8 Mesh router. A Mikrotikls mini router connects as a client to the Iphone and provides an Ethernet service to connected devices. It works fine for my Mac laptop with download speed 18Mbs and upload 13.8mbs, but does not...
  2. S

    I have a problem with dual wan usage with gt-ax11000

    I use 2 internet service providers. I have a problem with dual wan usage with gt-ax11000. When I'm on dual wan, the gt-ax11000 has frequent rebooting issues. will be only during use dual wan only.
  3. J

    Asus RT-AC3200 dual wan problemen

    Hoi, Ik heb al een hele tijd een Asus RT-AC3200 staan als router en het modem van Ziggo in bridge mode. Dit omdat het modem een bak ellende was met wegvallende LAN en soms ook WiFi verbinding. Nu hebben we naast ziggo ook glasvezel van Online/Delta. Omdat ik niet alles opnieuw wilde gaan doen...
  4. P

    ASUS routers missing (not working) features

    Hello everybody, I would like to hear, what features do you miss with your ASUS routers, what features are not working properly here are few that I am missing for personal/small-business use 1. Dual WAN issues: Failover not working properly (DHCP with is considered as working...
  5. stylish_me

    Does anybody have DUAL WAN working?

    Anyone has dual wan working? Mine stopped working after recent updates. Both connections are wired via lan cable, failover and failback are turned on. As well as watchdog and ping to internet. As soon as i unplug primary wan cable - router switches to secondary wan. But when primary wan cable is...