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Does anybody have DUAL WAN working?

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Anyone has dual wan working? Mine stopped working after recent updates. Both connections are wired via lan cable, failover and failback are turned on. As well as watchdog and ping to internet.
As soon as i unplug primary wan cable - router switches to secondary wan. But when primary wan cable is plugged in and my provider goes down - router doesnt switch to secondary wan. It even doesnt realise that it cannot ping - router just stays offline until my ISP fixes their problems.
Would like to make full reset to be sure it is firmware related problem. But i have over 40 manually assigned ip's and names to my network devices - and i am not really sure how to backup this information.
So if anyone has dual wan with ping to internet and both wired connections fully working - i will have to make factory reset to fix it. But if it is not working for everyone - i will not bother. Thanx!

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