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  1. _BLACK_BuLLeT_

    How to limit the speed of a specific site on ASUS TUF-AX5400?

    There is an ASUS TUF-AX5400 router with the latest Merlin (388.2_2_0-gnuton1) firmware. How can I limit the speed of downloading data from a specific site (or at least from several IP addresses) on this router? I do not need to limit the speed of the entire specific device. I also do not need to...
  2. S

    Transmission "dead"

    Hello everyone, I've used the transmission on my RT-AC68U router before, but now I updated the firmware and I've freshly installed again the entware and the transmission. The starting of the transmission is done without any error message, but if I check the status, I've got the following...
  3. Olndo Pindaro

    Entware atmt freeze on entware installation

    RT-AX86S - Merlin 388.2.2 try to install with AMTM entaware terminal freeze here. I can do? (for installing i used the diversiti site option) Thanks Olind0
  4. J

    Entware Entware Update

    Hi, I haven’t been paying attention on the forum lately, so please forgive if asked & answered (though I did look, and I didn’t see a post about this yet)… Are the latest entware updates safe to install? Thank you.
  5. M

    USB drive not mounted and read-only error

    Hey everyone. I wanted to share something I noticed today regarding the RT-AX86U router. It caught my attention that AdGuard wasn't running, so I decided to investigate further. Upon checking the router, I discovered that Entware was not mounted. To my surprise, the USB drive itself was not...
  6. M

    AdGuardHome Latest Entware update possibly made AdGuard Home fail

    Today I had a weird issue with AdGuard Home in two AX86U routers. This night, all of a sudden, AdGuard stopped working after a reboot and did not start at all. Thus, I was mostly disconnected from the Internet. When I checked the service, it was "dead" and nothing would revive it. #...
  7. A

    Deluge problems

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if there are currently any problems with installing or running Deluge on Entware? Until recently, I had this going without a problem, then suddenly, it would no longer start up, offering some messages that my limited experience couldn't understand. It may have coincided...
  8. R

    Entware "Wrong ELF class" or "Error while loading shared libraries" error

    Entware uses lightweight opkg package manager, which is too primitive to track down dependencies change. Let say, some program depends on `libssl.so.1.0` file but it was replaced by `libssl.so.1.1` while running `opkg upgrade`. So, you program will fail to start next time because of...
  9. F

    Tutorial Setup the ASUS TUF Gaming AX5400 router for Transmission with remote access using an SSD for storage

    Hi Everyone, I post this tutorial because I found the infos regarding the subject too scattered on the net. Some of the info is not even out there or not easy to find at all. I hope you will find this helpful. Feel free to comment if there is anyhing important to add. In order to succcesfully...
  10. Phantomski

    Entware [SOLVED] Entware packages not updating - wget doesn't have https support

    Hi, headscratching here a bit. I suddenly can't update/upgrade Entware packages in amtm. I don't remember installing anything that would affect it on the FW 386.7-2 and it certainly didn't improve on 386.9. It just stopped working. Using amtm, the Update/Upgrade of Entware packages produces...
  11. J

    Entware (DIG) Domain Information Groper

    Can I install DIG (“Domain Information Groper”) on my router? (RT-ac86u) Are there reasons not to? (Either because it won’t be well suited to its purpose by running on the router…? Or because it will screw something up?) thank you.
  12. G

    Entware Entware update fail: libattr cannot be downloaded

    Hi all. I am facing a problem for a bout a few weeks: when I run opkg update / upgrade I am getting this: Now I see glib2 package was not upgraded. And it's not even installed: At the same time I cannot remove libattr: Any ideas how to solve it?
  13. Q

    Best practice for Entware re-install

    My Entware installation appears to be borked. When I try to execute any command, I see a screenful of garbage characters, followed by "Filename too long". This problem also prevents updates via amtm or otherwise. What is the best sequence for stopping any running services that may depend on...
  14. C

    Entware (SOLVED) Issue in installing rtorrent-easy-install (php 8 error)

    Hi There, I had rtorrent running previously, but after merlin upgrades it stopped working. I tried uninstalling and installing again, but it gives me following errors. admin@RT-AX3000-D8A0:/tmp/home/root# opkg install rtorrent-easy-install Installing rtorrent-easy-install (0.2-6) to root...
  15. Stephen Harrington

    AMTM / Entware USB Backup?

    Looking for ideas/scripts to automate or “make more easy and convenient” (so I actually do it) the backup of my AMTM / Entware / Swap USB device, which in my case is a main/backup pair of Sandisk Max Endurance 64GB micro SD cards in matching Sandisk uSD-to-USB 3.0 adapters. I’m generally pretty...
  16. C

    amtm Do I need entware or not?

    I have used optware in the past on WD NAS systems and other boxes so I know basically what entware does. However the instructions for installing it on asuswrt-merlin seem many and varied! :) The first question is - do I really need it? The only program I want to add to my RT-AC68U is rsync...
  17. G

    Entware Transmission through Entware

    This thread is started because of this advice. Two questions from me regerding Transmission (but I think there will be more from others later). 1. Is it possible to add SOCKS5 for trackers in a current version of transmission in Entware? If so, which parameters should be used in json? 2. The...

    Entware Suricata

    Anyone using Suricata on their Voxel-Netgear router (with Entware)? https://suricata.io
  19. I

    Entware Looking for a guide on using Entware's Samba v4

    I would like to switch to Entware's Samba v4 because I'm hoping the added support for TimeMachine with Samba 4.8 would help resolve my current TimeMachine issues. I tried setting it up, but it didn't work for me, and the instructions at OpenWrt didn't help me. I currently use two additional...
  20. garycnew

    Entware [SOLUTION] Cross-Compile xxHash Entware Package via Debian Live DVD

    NOTE: After finally being convinced by the Entware & OpenWRT Developers that neither Build Environment was meant to be Compiled Natively on a Router (Neutered C Libraries), I decided to pursue this Cross-Compile xxHash Entware Package via Debian Live DVD solution; which, is presumably a bit...