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  1. R

    DDNS - How to Publish Internal vs. External WAN IP Address?

    Router: RT-AX86U Pro | Firmware: 3004.388.4 I'm using a mobile broadband router (Netgear) with Verizon as my service provider. They are doing some type of NAT because Asus Network Map shows one non-private IP address (e.g. while external check such as ipmonkey.com shows...
  2. H

    Hard drive keeps giving error

    Hello, I recently update from ASUS firmware to Merlin 384.8-Beta2. It seems external hard drive which is brand new keeps throwing error. I run check and so far no error is reported. I tried to revert back to default ASUS firmware and below doesn't happen. Any idea how to resolve the issue? -...
  3. Skeptical.me

    Novice user unsure of what to do about an issue, any advice welcomed.

    Hi, ASUS RT-AC87U WRT-Merlin 384.5 These "attacks" keep happening, I don't really know what they are trying to accomplish, and I have no idea what do about it. Please see the images. Any advice from people who understand this stiff is welcomed, Thanks for your time :-) These are my...
  4. J

    Extending Wireless 300+ Feet

    Hi, After searching and finding posts 3-4 years old, I thought I would ask about extending wireless service to a metal building I've rented as a shop. Situation is straight forward in that I want to extend existing wifi and/or LTE to get a signal in building that is functioning as a...
  5. N

    ac68u) can't mount 8tb external hdd (ext4)

    Hi. I have used ac68u and easystore 8tb external hdd (NTFS format) well so far. But I heard that ext4 format is more stable, so I formatted ntfs to ext4 using gparted on Windows. After that, ac68u can't mount external hdd. (I can see hdd in but it is unmounted) At first I think 8tb...
  6. W

    Router external access

    I have an Asus RT-AC66U router with the latest 380.65 Asuswrt-Merlin FW installed. I want to use VPN server functionality of the router. I configured OpenVPN server as documented here https://www.asus.com/support/faq/1008713. I also installed OpenVPN client on a W7 and on an XP computer. The...