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  1. neuro

    Problems with wifi6

    I have an gt-axe16000 router but Wi-Fi 6 does not appear on my iPhone 15 Pro, and I changed the 160MHz configuration and nothing. I also factory reset the router but I have had no results. I checked the specifications and it says that the iPhone supports Wi-Fi 6, however. I can't see the network...
  2. M

    iPhone connecting to single stream after low power mode

    I've noticed this issue where my phone's (iPhone 11 / IOS 16.4) WiFi connection is only single stream (433 Mbps) after recovering from low power mode, and stays like this until I disable and re-enable WiFi, when it goes back to normal (2-stream / 866Mbps connection). My router is an AC86U...
  3. B

    IOS samba cannot write

    Hi, I have no problem to write to the share drive in my Asus router by using windows, andriod and mac to read and write. However, my iphone can read but not write. When I tried to write I got the error of 100093. After research, it seems the issue can be fixed by add "[global] vfs objects =...
  4. G

    Apple devices can't access Internet if IPs are DHCP-assigned

    DIAGRAM UPDATED Apple devices cannot connect to an ASUS RT-AC66U configured as a repeater when set to use DHCP-assigned IP addresses - they can only connect when using statically-defined IP address settings (IP, mask, router IP & DNS). Why is this not working with DHCP-assigned IPs for Apple...
  5. B

    Optimizing AiMesh for iPhones

    Hello, hoping someone can help me out I have an AiMesh system that consists of Blue Cave, AC1900 and recently an RP-AX56. Im running a Gibabit Ethernet connection and with the mesh nodes wired. My problem is that the iPhones in the family have substantially worse reception on the wifi network...
  6. T

    How do I configure WireShark to filter for an iPhone connected to a laptop via Windows 10 "mobile hotspot"?

    My iPhone periodically triggers an outside server to respond with a burst of packets that overload my WISP's link. I hope to use Wireshark to show me packets sent from and received by my iPhone in these instances. To test this I connected a Windows 10 laptop directly to my WISP's SM (radio)...
  7. B

    Apple iPhone XS and XS Max might support 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6)

    According to Tech Insights the new iPhones use a Broadcom BCM4377 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth wireless combo SoC. The BCM4377 is not publicly listed, and probably custom made for Apple. The closest related however is the BCM4375, also a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo chip. And it supports 802.11ax (recently branded...
  8. gkasica

    R7000 running XVortex 380.64_0 can't see Dell-2155cdn in AirPrint

    Hello: I've just changed internet providers from Uverse to a local high speed wireless carrier - Ethoplex here in Jackson WI. The reasons were cost, speed and AT&T was blocking ports that we needed after 10 years and wouldn't/couldn't/didn't know how to unblock them. Anyway the issue. I have a...