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  1. T

    Looking for a router with multiple Guest Networks (SSIDs)

    Hi all, I'm looking for a new router besides Asus where you can use multiple guest networks for a network isolation. I know this can be done on SOHO equipment with a combination of managed switch and VLAN aware access point but I'm looking for all in one\consumer router type of solution. So...
  2. C

    LAN port isolation HTTPS (TLS/SSL failure)

    Hi all I isolated a LAN port on a AX-88U using the method as described here by Renjie Wu. Props to you sir. It is used to isolate some equipment (cameras and NVRs) that belong to the neighborhood I live in. It worked like a charm for a while but...
  3. D

    Add Wireless AP to my LAN, but prevent Wireless Clients from Accessing any LAN resources?

    I have a wired LAN. Currently there is no wireless access to it. If I add a wireless access device to let mobile devices have access to the Internet. how can I ensure that any device connected to the wireless access device cannot access any resources on my LAN? They should be routed straight to...
  4. M

    YazFi - Unexpected interaction between LAN and Guest Network

    I have RT-AC56U router with john fork (374.43_49E4) and I have guest network enabled. I also have the YazFi add-on. I want the LAN device to see the devices on the Guest Network, and I do not want the devices on the Guest Network to see the LAN. I try to set it up in the YazFi add-on, but it...
  5. N

    Forbid OpenVPN access from Guest WiFi

    Hi folks. I'm running RT-AC68U with Merlin 380.70. I also have a OpenVPN client pushing several networks I need for work. The problem is, anyone within Guest WiFi can also access them too. OpenVPN is NOT my default gateway, so it's just a couple of networks. I've tried to block guest with...
  6. J

    Does anyone make a secure MoCA distribution system?

    I want to design a MoCA distribution network for a condominium building with one head-end at the fiber Internet source and 10 secure cpe locations. Actiontec and other brands appear to offer security when used in pairs, requiring 20 adapters in my application. That is messy and expensive as...
  7. D

    Port Isolation

    I'm interested in isolating ports on the router so they can't communicate with each other. Below is an attempt to do so.
  8. A

    NAS server on private network

    Hey, I am new here . I have two access points on my network. One is for my personal use and the other is for others(frnds and stuff) I am planning to setup a NAS server. SO when I set up the nas server I don't want people connected to my guest access point finding the server. P.S I use the...
  9. ergoProxy

    client isolation rt-n66u

    I need to isolate my old devices (1 tablet, 1 kindle) from the other devices (pc, mac, smartphone) inside my home network without using the wireless guest network. They should only be able to connect to the internet. What is the most effective way? I tried with Firewall - Network Services...