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  1. decedion

    amtm "LED control": Reverse on/off when time is dynamic

    I have installed the "LED control" (lc) script using dynamic time because where I live (Denmark) the light/dark period changes a lot during the year. I have also coupled this with the AURA RGB. But the problem is that this script in dynamic mode decides that the AURA/leds turn on during the day...
  2. P

    SOLVED: How to turn off LED in XD4 / ZenWifi Mini *nodes*?

    Hi. I'm new to the SNB forums & new owner of an XD4 three unit setup, I have a question: Can the LED on the ZenWifi Mini node units (model XD4N) be turned off? The admin web UI offers to configure the hardware WPS button as an LED toggle, but that setting only affects the main (Router/model...
  3. K

    Solved RT-AX68U_386.5_2: LED lights up automatically after power up

    I turned the LED off on the router app. Sometimes I turn the router power off during the day. When the router powered on, the LED lights up again (the same result after trying many times ) I need to open the router app to toggle the LED setting from off to on then turn off again Is this a bug...
  4. L

    RT-AX88U LEDs went off

    Hi, a couple of weeks ago my RT-AX88U leds went off and I couldn't turn any of them on since (tried hot/cold boots). I'm running FW Any help on turning my router's LEDs on again will be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. M

    Repurpose physical buttons to trigger custom scripts

    Any chance we can repurpose the physical buttons on the router (LED/WPS,wifi-on/off) to trigger custom scripts or actions? Thanks!
  6. kokein

    RT-AX88U WiFi Off button 5hz problem - FW: 386.2

    Hello, I'm using Asuswrt-Merlin fw: 386.2 for RT-AX88U and tried to turn off Wi-Fi using built in button. But after this router done a full reboot and I was not be able to turn it back on. LED for WiFi on the router was turned ON only for 2,4ghz - but network was not avaliable/visible for...
  7. O

    RT-AC86U - apparently need a start-up delay on power up

    Have a RT-AC86U running 384.11 (will do 384.12 as soon as everything else is stabilized). With a Verizon DSL modem when we had one of the many power outages here in SW Florida that would eventually drain the UPS after power was restored everything would come back up without a problem. Moved to...
  8. I

    Schedule LED Control Script not working

    Hello. I have the Asus RT-AC68U router with the last Merlin firmware installed (384.4_2). I'm completely new to asus routers and I'm still adapting to it. But so far I'm not having mayor problems except for the following. I was trying to schedule the led control following the guide...
  9. M

    [Other] Suggestion for "LED Stealth Mode"

    My Asus RT-AC66U is installed on my room and when I turn the lights off to sleep it glows in the dark and illuminates the whole bedroom with it's blue smf greem LEDs. I understand most users fix this "problem" with two ways: 1- Electrical Tape on front of the LEDs or 2- Install a third party...
  10. Kopo942

    RT-AC66U 5GHz LED problem

    Hey. I've got a small problem with my AC-66U. The router has been working all fine, except after upgrading the firmware to version 380.58 (I think?), the 5GHz led hasn't been working. After the firmware upgrade was done, the LED just stayed on all the time, and after rebooting, it doesn't light...
  11. Julio Urquidi

    BeON Security Bulbs UL Approved; Add Lighting Replay Customization

    BeON announced two new features that help expand the use of their LED security lighting products. The company’s LED security bulbs are now UL certified (UL1598) for outdoor use, as well as fully enclosed fixtures (UL1993 and CSA C22.2#1993). This certification lets customers expand the...