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RT-AX88U WiFi Off button 5hz problem - FW: 386.2

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New Around Here

I'm using Asuswrt-Merlin fw: 386.2 for RT-AX88U and tried to turn off Wi-Fi using built in button.
But after this router done a full reboot and I was not be able to turn it back on.
LED for WiFi on the router was turned ON only for 2,4ghz - but network was not avaliable/visible for devices
LED for 5ghz wifi was OFF - and network was not avaliable/visible for devices + there was "0" in channel info over setup screen.

Only way i could fix it was a ~10min power off (unpluging from wall socket) [solution found somwhere here on forum for a different model]

Any idea what is wrong or is it some software problem/issue?

All the best!

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