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  1. johnday29

    Asus CT8 keeps going down, Please Help!

    I spent 12hrs trying to figure out what is going on and seem to fix one thing only to have another problem come up. When I went to bed last night everything was working, this morning there was no internet and the routers GUI was not responsive. I unpowered and rebooted the router and when it...
  2. J

    RT-AX88U Asus Merlin - uncontrolled restart - log

    Today, once this week, the router was restarted during normal operation, can any of you check what is written in this log? THANKS!
  3. R

    Log Spam Issue in 386.1 / 386.1_2?

    Hello, Recently, I was able to update my router (after doing a complete factory reset and erasing NVRAM for good measure) to v386.1_2 on my AC68U as well as my 2 AiMesh nodes (also AC68U) and I realized that sometimes, my remote log server would see all of this spam happen. Never experienced...
  4. L

    DSL-AC55U Error - Frequent Internet Disconnections (with log)

    Hello. I've an Asus DSL-AC55U and today I've noticed some sudden dc's. It was so frequent that my online work-tool started to spam connected-offline-connected-offline errors. Then I would not be able to connect to internet at all. Other devices at home had similar issues. This lasted for an...
  5. TheStork

    Scribe Log entry fragments in Scribe

    I‘ve noticed that my log (using Scribe) under ‘system messages’ category is full of strange entries that look like incomplete log lines. I think they might be part of entries that should fall under Skynet’s log entries for inbound blocks, but it seems they are missed from that and partly...
  6. P

    Asus RT-AC86U shutting down at night?

    I recently installed an RT-AC86U (following recommendations in another thread) and it has been working great. Except... a few times in the last couple of weeks my internet has gone down in the middle of the night. I know this because my burglar alarm (which is reliant on a wifi connection) has...
  7. N

    Clear System Logs - General Logs not working after updating to 384.17

    I had updated firmware from 384.16 to 384.17 a few hours earlier. Everything seemed ok, but I had just switched OFF Enable Share in USB Application - Network Place (Samba) Share / Cloud Disk and I was investigating an interesting looking new error I'd noticed in the General Log: httpd...
  8. P

    Is this how a DOS-attack looks like in log?

    Yesterday I happened to log into my router and saw a huge CPU usage (about 90% on one core). I then looked in the log and found this. Is that a DOS-attack going on here? Jul 8 22:04:14 kernel: net_ratelimit: 475 callbacks suppressed Jul 8 22:04:19 kernel: net_ratelimit: 492 callbacks...
  9. octopus

    little help/suggestions needed

    I'm struggling with some programing issues and hope someone have done this already. I wrote some scripts and get: cat: write error: Broken pipe and need som suggestion to solve it. I'm reading from /tmp / vpnclient-1.log. When I resstart router "with / bin / cat vpnclient-1.log...
  10. D

    Wireless client notifications?

    I'm trying to set up my router running 380.70 to notify me on wireless client connects that don't match a list of mac's I've created. I was going to run a simple bash script to do so, but cannot find anything on the router that I can reference. Is there a wireless client log somewhere? Or maybe...
  11. Sinner

    Strange log

    Cleared my log few days ago and just happen to log in now to see only these 2 entries ive never seen before and are a bit unclear. google wasn't much help either.. any ideas what they mean? Aug 17 21:14:58 Aaews: killall aaews Aug 19 09:15:47 Aaews: killall aaews
  12. Maverickcdn

    Log specific IPTABLE rule (DROP)

    Hello everyone... My googlefu has grown weak and I can't find the answer Im looking for :( Running 380.69_2 on a RT-N66U. Have 'iptables -I FORWARD -s x.x.x.x -j DROP' saved in firewall-start and shows as a valid rule running iptables -L Question is. Is there a way to log every time this IP...
  13. M

    kernel: xhci_hcd WARN: Stalled endpoint

    I get this weird error from time to time without any possible reason: Aug 6 07:58:49 kernel: xhci_hcd 0000:00:0c.0: WARN: Stalled endpoint Aug 6 07:58:49 kernel: xhci_hcd 0000:00:0c.0: WARN: Stalled endpoint Aug 6 07:58:54 kernel: xhci_hcd 0000:00:0c.0: WARN: Stalled endpoint Aug 6 07:58:54...
  14. O

    Asus RT-AC88U save QoS-Web History on HD

    I use the Asuswrt-Merlin Firmware and would like to save on my router's HD the QoS - Web History log (Adaptive QoS> Web History).
  15. M

    Syslog time issues

    Hi there, I have a weird time inconsistency which apps write to standard log. For example, transmission writes some false time, which doesn't correspond to system one: Jul 28 16:47:27 host dropbear[26782]: Child connection from XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Jul 28 16:47:28 host dropbear[26782]: Pubkey auth...
  16. M

    Maximum log level

    What is the maximum log verbosity level on stock AsusWRT and on Merlin? I followed this guide and set level to 9, and now it is empty and shows nothing.
  17. E

    Log verbosity 380.66_2 Openvpn

    Could anyone please point me to a chart or possibly explain the 12 levels of log verbosity on the Openvpn server advanced settings screen? Many thanks Edward
  18. acorderob

    ripd.log filling /tmp

    Hi. I have had a problem that happened two times recently (with some time between the two). My DHCP server could not give IPs. The first time i just rebooted the router (at least two times) and it fixed it, but the second one i started checking, and I think it is due to my /tmp particion...
  19. D

    Recommended watch tool

    I'm looking for a recommendation on a tool running on Asuswrt-Rmerlin that can ... Scan log files and send an e-mail based on criteria. For example, errors / warnings, port scans, etc. Check the network connections specified in the Dual Wan setup and send an e-mail when one of them isn't...
  20. RASG

    [bug?] log level not respected after reboot

    I'm trying to set my ac66u log level to the most verbose possible. But after rebooting, it comes back to the normal level. Which level is that? I dont know, because the web interface still shows me 'debug' - 'all'. But tailing the syslog.log file i can see that its not verbose anymore. And...