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  1. S

    Solved Help with unknown MAC on network

    I keep seeing this in my logs, I can not tye it to any physical device I have. The MAC registers to "Amazon Technologies Inc." I have an Echo dot on line but it shows up as a diferent MAC... Could this be part of this service??? Dec 6 23:56:25 WLCEVENTD: Auth 68:DB:F5:54:1F:DA Dec 6 23:56:25...
  2. A

    amtm Script to randomize MAC address daily

    I would request to have an amtm script to randomize the mac address of ASUS merlin on daily basis or predefined interval. the reason is that my ISP doesn't change my IP address even if I'm resetting the router and they said that the only way to change the IP address if your router has the...
  3. S

    A tip for new iOS14/iPadOS14/MacOS 11/Watch OS 7 users.

    Hi all just a tip for you with regards to Apple’s latest device updates that may cause issues on certain router setups. If you are like myself I have my Asus router OCD level setup, every device has a proper name and icon under the network map page, and they all have their priorities assigned...
  4. Palanivelrajan

    Unable to set lan mac address on RT-AC88U

    I got a new AC88u router yesterday. The first thing i did was install asus-merlin latest firmare. (384.17). My internet provided will work only with a specific mac address. Before this router i had a AC68u router and the way i setup the access address is #!/bin/sh nvram set...
  5. A

    Command to get all Wifi clients

    Hi guys, is there a command to get a list of all clients including the offline ones? I know there's a dnsmasq lease file for active clients, but can't find anything for the hosts and MAC addresses that connected to the network but went offline.
  6. R

    How does a Router identify a Host?

    I tried to fool my router yesterday. I thought the only thing how the router/switch is identify the hosts is the MAC Address but there must be something else. The scenario was: I connected a PC with my Router at Home. Now i went in the configurations of the router and set for this PC the...
  7. J

    LAN MAC and 2.4GHz MAC

    Why and how can the LAN MAC address and 2.4GHz MAC address be the same? On my RT-AC68P (FW LAN and 2.4GHz are the same; the last octet on the 5GHz is different.
  8. M

    Restrict admin page by MAC

    AFAIK, stock AsusWRT doesn't provide possibility to restrict access to router Admin interface from LAN by certain MAC-address. Only by IP. Does Merlin allow such restriction?
  9. C

    Changing wireless MAC addresses on RT-AC3200

    Hi everyone, I know it's an odd scenario, but I have a good reason for wanting to change the MAC addresses for the three wireless interfaces on my new RT-AC3200 (eth1, eth2, eth3). At first I thought I could change it from the WDS menu, but those fields are read-only. So, I tried sshing in and...