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  1. C

    Attempting to design an ASUS Mesh Network purposely using a double NAT? Good or bad idea?

    Hello, I’m looking for any advice, comments or positive/negative criticisms regarding my setup intentions described below: -I have Xfinity Gig+ service -I am using my own Arris S33 cable modem first in line attached to the incoming coaxial cable -Next in line I have a Firewalla Gold Plus...
  2. S

    Double NAT issue with upstream firewall

    Hi, I am running a mesh with 2 Asus Zen XT8 and 1Asus RT-AX86U. 1st XT8 is primary, 2nd XT8 and 86U are nodes. Here is my current network setup: ISP modem (in bridge) -> Sonicwall Firewall -> Asus XT8 primary - Clients Sonicwall LAN interface (X0) - Asus WAN - Asus...
  3. S

    Kernel UDB message within Syslog

    My apology if someone has the asked same or similar, but I was unable to locate the subject. Someone who is SME, can you explain what these messages mean within Asus rt syslog and how should it be addressed, if at all? Router in question is RT-AX86U running AsusWrt-Merlin version 386.7_2 and...
  4. S

    Mesh Network Question...Too many nodes??

    I've posted previously about getting a third node for my Asus ZenWifi XT8 network. (LSS: you CAN buy just one). My question now is whether I should. I have roughly 1750 sq ft. of Living Space and 2 nodes. From the literature, it *seems* like a single node should cover the whole house but it...
  5. talhal

    RT-AX88U meshed with RT-AX53U ? Is it recommended ?

    Hi, I currently have the ASUS RT-AX88U but unfortunately in one of my rooms I get only -80 dB signal. Happens from time to time that the wi-fi is slower than my phone's data.... I get from my ISP 500Mb/50Mb. The ISP's modem-router is connected as a bridge to my Asus. My question is: If I would...
  6. C

    Need Help - GT-AXE-11000 wired backhaul

    I have a new GT-AXE-11000 with the latest firmware hard wired to a GT-AC5300 router using the AI Mesh. When I view the 6e Ghz channel on the AXE it says using the 6e band for backhaul to the 5300 if you want to change settings click here which brings me to the wireless settings. I see no option...
  7. rmiller1959

    Improved Internet Speed via Orbi AX6000 (?)

    I recently replaced my Google Nest Wifi mesh network with a Netgear Orbi AX6000 three-pack. Since I started working from home full-time due to the pandemic, I noticed that my Nest network was adequate but not always reliable, with a few dropouts daily and occasionally lagging performance. The...
  8. H

    Asus ZenWifi AC Slave Router Speed Cap?

    Hey Everyone, First time poster here and total noob when it comes to networking... I just "upgraded my Comcast Xfinity xFi modem/router and 3 xfinity pods to: Netgear Nighthawk CM1200 cable modem Asus ZenWiFi AC3000 - x4 My goal was to get and faster and more reliable WiFi signal throughout...
  9. cdysthe

    WiFi channels for a R7800 and the X4s extender running SmartConnect /Mesh

    Hi, I have set up my R7800 with a X4S extender in "Netgear Mesh" mode with Autoconnect and the extender on a fixed IP. It's been running great so I will keep this setup. I've been using channel 44 for 5 Ghz wifi when I ran the R7800 alone and had great 5 Ghz connections. However the X4S keeps...
  10. cdysthe

    Mesh network with my R7800?

    Hi, I've got a R7800 which is working perfectly. However, I now have to move it to the other end of the house so the far end will lose out. I have recently seen that Netgear advertise their extenders as mesh network devices working with your existing router. Is that really the case? I have...
  11. jvmunhoz

    Wireless solution for thick walls. Router or Mesh Network?

    In Brazil, most apartments are made of brick, leading to some rather thick walls some times, and mine isn't any different. My current router is a Apple Airport Express (not by my choice, but that is what I have), coupled with a Powerline Range Extender, which I bought after subpar results with...