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  1. Julio Urquidi

    On-Hub Hits First Year, Adds On.Here

    Time sure flies. It's already been a year since Google announced its OnHub router. First designed through a partnership with TP-Link, then later with Asus, Google provided a smart home platform that simplifies updating of new features as they become available. A recent example is OnHub's new...
  2. A

    What is the difference between the Archer C5 and C50? And v1 vs v2...

    I've been shopping around for a router, and it looks like the Archer C5 will meet my fairly minimal needs (in terms of speed, at least) very well. But I'm confused about a few things: Amazon is currently selling this "C50" for just under...
  3. J

    Best Practice Advice. VLans on Router, Switch Or?

    Hi, First post nice to meet you all. Been reading reviews here for some time, but haven't had a chance to use the forums. Hopefully I can contribute in the future to others that may be at the same knowledge level I am now. I am hoping for some best practice advice concerning my home network...
  4. thiggins

    TP-Link Updates Its Look

    Consumer networking company TP-Link today unveiled a new logo and tagline. The 20 year old company's new tagline is now "Reliably Smart" vs. its former "The Reliable Choice". Also changed was the company name's case, from TP-LINK to TP-Link; a change not reflected in the new logo. Visit...
  5. wootcat

    TP-LINK Smart Switch questions...

    I've used Netgear switches exclusively over the past decade, but decided to try out a TP-Link after hearing some positive things. I attached it to my network tonight and find I have some questions. Model: TL-SG105E I find it interesting that when I attached the smart switch to my network, my...
  6. thiggins

    TP-LINK Talon AD7200 Multi-Band Wi-Fi Router Reviewed

    TP-LINK's Talon AD7200 Multi-Band Wi-Fi Router is an AC2600 class MU-MIMO router with a side order of 60 GHz 802.11ad. Read on SmallNetBuilder
  7. thiggins

    TP-LINK AC3150 Wireless MU-MIMO Gigabit Router Reviewed

    TP-LINK's AC3150 Wireless MU-MIMO Gigabit Router provides no practical benefit over its less expensive AC2600 cousins. Read on SmallNetBuilder
  8. K

    Router Features with Synology NAS

    Currently, I am running an RT-AC5300 running the latest version of Merlin. However, I am considering downgrading because I am also running a Synology DS916+ NAS. The NAS makes many of the features on the 5300, such as USB media access, etc. pointless to have. I do like the interface of Asus's...
  9. Julio Urquidi

    TP-LINK Announces Combo HomePlug AV2 / AC1200 Wi-Fi Extender

    The TP-LINK's TL-WPA8630 powerline kit is not only Homeplug AV2 compliant; it also includes built-in AC1200 wireless extender capabilities, a combination that could benefit homes having a hard time working with weak Wi-Fi signals. The kit consists of two main parts. By plugging an Ethernet...
  10. Julio Urquidi

    TP-Link Unveils Wireless AC Ceiling-Mounted Access Points for SMB, Hospitality

    TP-Link announced two new ceiling-mounted Wireless AC access points designed for SMBs and small campus environments, including schools, restaurants and hotels. Similarly designed, the first of the two dual-band access points is the AC1900 TP-Link EAP330. The faster of the two announced APs...
  11. Julio Urquidi

    TP-Link’s AC5400 MU-MIMO Router Is Now Available For Purchase

    TP-LINK today said its Archer C5400 introduced in January at CES 2016 is now shipping. The Archer C5400 is powered by a 1.4 GHz, dual-core Broadcom processor and three additional co-processors in each radio. Maximum link rates are 1000 Mbps at 2.4 GHz and 2167 Mbps for each of its two 5 GHz...
  12. Julio Urquidi

    TP-Link Releases First Wireless AD7200 Router

    Updated - TP-LINK today announced its Talon AD7200 Multi-Band Wi-Fi Router is now available. The product was announced at CES 2016. The Talon AD7200 is a 4x4 Qualcomm-based MU-MIMO enabled AC2600 class router with an integrated single-stream 802.11ad radio supporting a 4600 Mbps maximum link...
  13. J

    TP-Link TL-SL2452 VS Cisco SF200-48

    Hi, I'm new to the world of managed/smart switches. I'm shopping for a 48 ports 100Mbps switch (with 2 x 1 Gbps ports). I'd like to be able to do Port aggregation / LAG. I'd also like to use VLANS so separate the staff network from the residents network (for a retirement home). They're both...