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  1. M

    Allow admin web GUI access on another interface (tailscale0)

    How do I allow access to the Asus Admin WebUI from a different interface like tailscale0? I currently have Tailscale up and running on my router, and everything is working great - can use it as an exit node, ssh into the router (using the subnet IP and Tailscale address), etc. Only problem is...
  2. J

    Need help troubleshooting - problem started out of nowhere

    Hi I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction—I’m not sure what happened. I’ve been running Merlin 386.9 on my RT-AC86U since very shortly after the final version was released — my most stable experience in a long time!! No freezing. No lock files. No nothing. (Additionally, I run...
  3. M

    C6300 login page access problem

    Hello guys, maybe the question I raise is a bit trivial but I spend already second day trying to resolve it. I cannot connect to admin dashboard of Netgear C6300. I tried Nighthawk app but it says this model is not supported, despite datasheet says it is. Then I use pages http://routerlogin.net...
  4. B

    Switched back to factory firmware on GT-AC2900 from Merlin. Web UI layout is now weird and I'm unable to restore how it looked origonally.

    I grabbed a GT-AC2900 router on sale to experiment a bit with as it had a phenomenal amount of features for the price as an entry into Asus routers. From the factory, the web GUI design differs a but from traditional Asus routers with a more "gamer oriented" look to it for lack of a better term...
  5. F

    Can login with IP but not hostname

    I just installed Merlin and everything is up and running and configured. One problem is I can't login using the hostname but I can using the IP. I get the sign in page and when I put in the credentials it just resets the page; no errors. I can ping the host name and it responds with the correct...
  6. P

    AC68U super slow GUI on wifi

    A lightning storm burned the WAN port on my AC68U. I used the Dual WAN to use LAN1 as WAN. I noticed, however, that recently the web gui is virtually unusable over wifi. The login page loads instantaneously, but putting the credentials ends up in a white page with the browser "Transferring data...
  7. Mathieu

    Is the GUI that toast?

    Hi all I have recently upgraded to 380.68_2 (will update my signature), essentially because of the warning on the web gui which I got running my previous mod. On release notes and comments, RMerlin made it clear that flushing web cache was paramount. That said, and having religiously complied...