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2 Asus AC3100, main router and one as extender/AP/bridge?


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Hello all,

I have seen similar threads but haven't come across my exact setup and hoping to shed some light on a setup.

I currently have my main AC3100 router in my living room where the coax cable comes in and it covers most of my place. However, down the hall in the last bedroom/bathroom, the signal is very weak and there are dead spots due to the building being concrete.

In that bedroom, there is another coaxial cable which I'm assuming is a split from the main hookup in the living room (this was configured before I moved in so can't confirm just yet).

My goal is to make sure the whole back area is covered with a good WiFi signal and that phones & tablets will be able to connect and use only 1 SSID and roam throughout the house seamlessly between routers without having to manually adjust/connect to multiple SSID's. Also, recently just installed Sonos and there are 2 speakers in the bedroom that I would like to connect as well (have the boost for it too but haven't installed it yet). I don't believe I'll need to directly patch anything into the bedroom router, would be just wireless devices.

I have a spare Arris modem and another spare AC3100 router that I can use and am hoping for some recommendations on the best route to accomplish this goal. I know the router comes with 3 modes including Access Point and Media Bridge. Due to the concrete, I don't believe I'll be able to run a cable from the main router to the new bedroom router which I know may limit some possibilities.

Hopefully I've conveyed enough details, any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!


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You can always drill through concrete. WiFi can't. ;)

I suggest you run an Ethernet cable to connect your second router to.

As for the wish to have a single ssid with seamless roaming? Not (just) up to the router(s), the clients play an important role there too. (Hope your clients behave as you want them to).

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