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2+ Raid arrays in 1 Atom PC?

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I'm considering building an Atom pc inside a nice large roomy case that would allow for the installation of upwards of 10 HDDs. My question is whether or not it's possible for the Intel Atom PC to simultaneously handle running a JBOD array as well as a RAID5 array?

If it is indeed possible using the walk-through that the NAS section of this site provides, is it a good idea? I figure it's possible that if it CAN, it might be something that would cause a massive hit to performance (maybe i just need more ram or something?).

Building 1 really sweet atom pc is preferable to building 2, but I will if I have to.

TIA for any help/suggestions,
It would depend on the distro you use, I think. What mobo are you using that will handle that many drives?

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