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24 port Gigabit Smart Switch: Netgear ProSafe GS724T vs HP ProCurve 1800-24G J9028B

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24 port Gigabit Smart Switch: Netgear ProSafe GS724T vs HP ProCurve 1800-24G J9028B

Netgear GS724T ProSafe 24-Port Gigabit Smart Switch
HP ProCurve Switch 1800-24G (J9028B)

Which one? Why?
Some comparative pros, cons would be nice to have.

I was told that the 1800's have Lifetime warranty and verified with HP.
It appears that ProSafe's also have one. - Just as good as HP? Or Not?
As I mentioned to you before in another thread I have a Netgear GS748TP. I can say the switch is pretty nice in terms of the GUI and feature set. The only issue I have with the switch is a problem acknowledged by Netgear with this model. It appears that a batch of 748s left the factory with questionable cooling fans. This causes an erroneous error message stating there is a problem with the fans. The problem is that the error message might actually be true eventually as the fans have been known to fail prematurely too. There's no way in telling if you have the fans which are reporting incorrectly or the ones that will eventually fail. The Netgear support rep was the one that provided me with this information. He said since the switch is covered by a lifetime warranty was to wait to see if there is a failure and sent it back. The refurb units coming out from their shop all have the newer updated fans that don't have the reporting and early failure problem. He also said you can pay a bit extra to get faster return shipping and you can provide a credit card for them to use as collateral for cross shipping.

I was also very pleasantly surprised that my call to tech support was handled nicely and quickly with competent reps. I had a problem with the switch I received as the box was damaged in transit and the power cord and rack mount kit was lost. They sent a new rack mount kit out the same day and I received it a couple of days later....free of charge.

I'm not very familiar with the ProCurve switches. I will be soon as I'll be digging into the one I have at my corporate headquarters. I just need to break away some time to go onsite and configure the switch to be network accessible. After that, I'll be able to do some intellegent comparisons.

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