386.1 Alpha?

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Please don't cross-post the same questions all over the forums.

How long did you wait for the main router's Wi-Fi to settle? Are you using DFS channels? How far apart are the node and router when trying to add them?
Gave it enough time to settle. Not using DFS channels. They are not far off from each other. When I checked using wifi analyser I noticed that the node is transmitting signal on the channel related to default region (not the new region I deleted on main router). When I changed it back to the default region they connected with strong signal. I am not new to Aimesh. Have been using it more than a year and used all beta and alpha softwares (both stock and Merlin)

I have posted my question in only relevant forums. One in Merlin Alpha (here), one in ASUS aimesh2 beta forum. Is that wrong ? I don't think it is.

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