386.1_0 webui RT-AC5300

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dirty upgrade from 384.19
network is okay but I cannot access the web ui
Yes, I have read the readme... it's been weeks since I upgraded so definitely more than 1 hour has elapsed
I have done the following
a- turned router on and off at power plug
b- used both chrome and firefox to try to login (using both regular and incognito mode)

what happens is that it would go to the login screen... i'd enter the admin username and password... the blue circle would spin... and then it times out
sometimes if i go directly to a url it might work eg .... but then if i click on other options it just times out

devices plugged in to rt-ac5300
fritzbox 7490 (this is also connected to Arris HFC NTD connection box)
hp printer x576dw

i've never had any issues before...

also im on ubuntu linux so i cant use the firmware recovery tool as its windows only... why asus wont release a linux or mac version? not everyone uses windows!
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The Mac version is in the App store.

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