Solved 386.5_2 AX86U - Unable to generate cert for https login?


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Hey all, longtime lurker but new registrant for this question. Love the merlin firmware and I've used it on my old RT-N66u for years. I recently picked up an RT-AX86U, and have been reconfiguring it using the latest stable merlin firmware, 386.5_2. However, I've run into a snag. I prefer to have the router sign-in page use HTTPS, but when I set it up in System settings and download the certificate package (following the stock Asus instructions), all it generates in the cer.tar file is a cert.pem and key.pem file, no actual certificate. I could have sworn I did this on my older router without an issue.

Is this a known issue with the merlin firmware, or am I doing something wrong? I can't add either PEM file to Firefox and am stuck with a "this connection is not secure" message unless I add an exception. Do I need to add an exception or go through the added steps to set up LetsEncrypt, or am I doing something wrong here?

Help is very much appreciated :) Thanks. - Ryan


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Hi @ryanocerous,

The cert.pem is the thing you need. You can import it under Windows by searching for Internet Options, then go to Content - Certificates - Trusted Root Certification...and click Import. Browse to the folder with cert.pem. You will have to choose to see all files. Then select it, Import it to Local Machine - Trusted Root. After that it should be recognized and used by Firefox...


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Doh... thanks folks. The asus instructions assumed a clickable cert file in Windows and I totally forgot about Internet Options in windows. Worked like a charm.


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I too have used this procedure, but I needed to do it from an admin account in Win10. If I do it from a user acct, then try to access the router, I still can only connect Unsecured. If I click on the Unsecure text in Brave then I get a Certificate Not Valid message. Do I need a different cert for my user acct access, and if yes, how do I save it so that it works within the user acct?

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