Adaptive QoS >> Bandwidth Monitor , sorting options?


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I am using Merlin's firmware for the past 4-5 years and I am very happy with it.

Sometimes, when trying to troubleshoot slow connection problems, I tend to open Bandwidth Monitor page and look there what's going on.

It would be very helpful, if there were sorting options so that devices using more bandwidth would be listed first.

Firmware is awesome, no complaints, just an idea in case it is easily coded.

Many thanks,


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The client list appears to be sorted by the optionally assigned QoS priority level before the bandwidth consumption is calculated. Only after the list is drawn are the bandwidth values calculated and populated. So it would not be easy, and since it’s an Asus page, I don’t imagine it’s something Merlin would show interest in changing.

It would be useful, though. ;)

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