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After 4 years, a new firm for my old loved DSL-N55U_D1

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I have the BIOS links for my routers in browser shortcuts, and today I clicked in my old DSL-N55U_D1 instead of XT8, by mistake. And I have seen there is a new firm for it after 4 years!!:

This was my first ASUS, and I used it for my first DSL, and for my first FFTH (it has gigabit WAN, DSL and USB 4G, 3 wan modes). The next one was XT8, so I have used n55U for many years.

I think it is something valuable to have security fixes for such an old router yet.
Yes, Asus is head and shoulders above every other consumer router manufacturer in this area. And have been since the start (circa Dark Knight).

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