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Do you like to add Google Drive support for AiCloud?

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Hi, is there any idea in the future to add ability to upload files to Google Drive via AiCloud 2.0 - Smart Sync?
or onedrive i think bouth its good idea.
I have tried WebStorage and Dropbox. None of them do not work correctly with this Smart Sync from Asus. WebStorage is piece of **** and Dropbox is not supported. None of them is able to upload files deep than in the /mnt/FTP/first_name_of_folder. After monkey business with Dropbox setting for this I have get many system files on the USB stick beside the folder I wanted to sync. It would be fine if there will be option to sync via Google Drive etc. in easy way. I will write to Asus. But I think that the discussion about this could be helpful for others to do not try to get it to work.

Error sync.PNG
Since Asus's AiCloud competes with those other clouds I wouldn't expect them to add support in their app. And those others aren't going to write an app for Asus to embed in their routers

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