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  1. M

    ASUS RT-AX86U AiCloud HDD device list "Stacked"

    Greetings, I have recently upgraded my ASUS RT-AX86U from the official ASUS firmware to Asus-Merlin v3004.388.6_2. However, after accessing AiCloud, I noticed that the HDD device list is "stacked" making it impossible to select items precisely. What actions should I undertake to resolve this?:)
  2. Trankonia

    Display of AiCloud is corrupted

    Has anyone seen these issues with AICloud? 1. The devices showing up when you connect into the domain are listed on top of each other (on the same display line, rather than as expected. 2. It is also listing an internal system that I do not want to expose to the WAN. I only want the devices...
  3. G

    Solved aicloud ports open

    hello, i have asus ax58u for the moment with388.2_2 firmware. The remote access is open for WAN (https only, port 8443). Remote access is limited for specific networks ( Then i'm outside allowed networks the open ports scaner show opened ports from...
  4. M

    RT-AC66U AiCloud 2.0 not working

    I can't access my AiCloud Disk from WAN, but it works fine on LAN. I can access the Asus UI in WAN, to configure the router, so I know my router is exposed to the internet, but AiCloud 2.0 gets a timeout when I try to access it. I have OpenVPN enabled, so I can access AiCloud 2.0 from the VPN...
  5. F

    How to sync FTP files to USB stick on router?

    Hihi, I have been searching through the forums on how to download ftp files into my usb storage attached to the asus router but no success. Purpose is to sync the files from a specified ftp folder to my usb attached to router every day, and delete the files on ftp server as storage is limited...
  6. T

    AiCloud Sync support only SMBv1

    My router is AC66U_B1 (fw 384.15 AC68U) I tried for a long time to configure AiCloud Sync to synchronize with the shared folder on my PC. Nothing happened. And I found that it only supports SMBv1. Is it possible to add newer version support for future firmwares? This is a very handy feature...
  7. C

    AX-88U Aicloud login

    Hi All Wondering if I missing something here. I just upgraded to AX-88U and setup AiCloud. However when I try to login as a secondary user, the web interface does not let me login in. Only admin user login works. This was working flawlessly in AC-68U. I am not able to find any failed login...
  8. D

    Secure method to share video files (sftp or AiCloud) with non-tech friends

    Hi, Errata: I would correct the title: (other than sftp or AiCloud) I'm looking from you folks to give some ideas for a secure file sharing method using the standard daemons available with Asus or Merlin firmware. I'm not into using command-line configs like vsftpd through entware or similar...
  9. N

    AiCloud on Merlin

    When I run AiCloud on Asus Merlin, all the directories are listed in reverse order (z to a instead of a to z) And it does not seem to be any button in the webgui to reverse it back. Is this a known problem? It is not a major problem, but kind of annoying.
  10. Zen

    RT-AC5300 is unable to visit some websites after AiCloud activation

    Hi all, as mentioned in the title above, the issue persists even after turning it off again. I had to do factory reset without AiCloud on to access websites like Wikipedia and bank website. The signature is the latest version 29/9/2019. Firmware is 384.13. Just checking if anyone has similar...
  11. N

    ASUS AC-RT68U Aidisk File Structure Read Only

    Welcome all. First time posting! What a great website full of valuable information! I am posting to find out how people have set up a successful USB storage device over WAN. I have files I don't particularly wish to have stored over a public service cloud storage service. I am trying to set up...
  12. AnnaX

    Assigning static internal IP address for ASUS AiCloud/FTP-application

    Not sure I'm putting this question in the right subforum, so many to chose from. I'm on a Asus RT-N66W (same as RT-N66U, just different colour) with AsusWRT-Merlin firmware. It has a function to work as a FTP server through Asus DDNS ( but even though I run a VPN client...
  13. H

    Asus Cloud Disk vs. Netgear ReadyShare

    Sorry for newbie questions. I just switched from Netgear to Asus WiFi router. And it seems to be that Netgear's ReadyCloud to be a little bit convenient than Asus? Or I didn't explore the full potential of Asus yet? For example: 1) NetGear ReadyCloud can create shared link with password...
  14. J

    ASUS AiCloud not working even in the local network.

    I brought a new ASUS AC58U Router. I was trying to setup AiCloud but i couldn't get it working. "https://[your ASUS DDNS name]" shows "This site cant't be reached" and "https://[your ASUS DDNS name]" refused to connect. I followed exactly as in the manual. When i try...
  15. petrmenzel

    AiCloud 2.0 - Smart Sync - Google Drive

    Hi, is there any idea in the future to add ability to upload files to Google Drive via AiCloud 2.0 - Smart Sync?
  16. M

    AI Cloud with IP Passthrough?

    Hi all, I'm a newbie here and have tried to find an answer through a search with no luck. I have a very basic networking knowledge but managed to get my AC-66 working great after upgrading to ATT Fibre. I had to use their Arris BGW210-700R and put it in IP Passthrough mode. The only thing I...
  17. M

    Please Delete

    Please delete - wrong forum
  18. Earthlark

    Can't access AiCloud on AC66U

    I've been trying for the last couple days to get AiCloud working so I can access a network share, but I can't seem to get anywhere. I'm able to access the drive from within the network Samba and FTP without any problem. But upon entering the Asus DDNS or IP address just gives me a "This site...
  19. M

    Aicloud app issue

    I tried to setup Aicloud with the latest Asus Merlin. I works great in browsers, but I cannot connect using the IOS app. When I try to login tje the credentials, it keeps connecting and the aicloud log shows that I am logged in but not. Please help thanks!
  20. M

    AC68U - How to increase webdav max upload size

    In looking for a simple solution to backup photos on my android phone, I set up AICloud 2.0 and created a ddns name with to communicate with the router. I then setup an app called FolderSync on my phone to sync my phone's photo folder to the USB hard drive on the router via WebDAV...