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AICloud Cloud Disk Authentication method message

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I have an RT-N66u router with a USB stick plugged in as my NAS so I can watch movies with other devices on my network.

If I setup a new account and password in the router setting page "USB Application ->Network Place (Samba) Share / Cloud Disk" and try to access it via the AiCloud app on my Android tablet, I get the same pop-up message every time I click a subfolder:

"If you have changed your router authentication method, you need to change settings here, or smart sync will not work."

It offers two Authentication Methods:
  • HTTP
No matter which I click and hit OK, or even if I hit cancel, I gain access the folders/files. But the pop-up happens every time I navigate folders (in and out) and it's really annoying.

Searched everywhere and this phrase doesn't seem to exist on the web.

Note that if I access the NAS using the main account (the Username and Password for the router settings page), then I don't get the Authentication Methods pop-ups. But prefer not to use the username and password that gives full access to my router.

Any thoughts?
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I think I found the answer and will post here in case someone else has this problem later.

There is a checkbox for "Ask me next time" at the bottom of the notice that I saw when I used a different tablet. The different tablet has a taller screen (1080 vs 800 vertical resolution) so I expect the check box is hidden on the shorter tablet.

So I will try to access the check box (maybe hitting Tab on the keyboard) on the original (shorter) tablet.

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