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  1. tonymet

    WPA2 Shared Secret Rotation: How to avoid downtime?

    Let's assume you like to rotate your WPA2 shared secret (SSID passphrase) once a year. How do you do it without downtime and with minimal fuss? Is it possible to do it without changing SSID? Here's how I do it: Start with existing SSID `wireless-net` Add new virtual SSID `wireless-net-A`...
  2. Aptxope

    Telnet 'default' password 4G-N16

    Hi there, Just bought a 4G router from Asus, the 4G-N16. I want to access this router by Telnet. I enabled the Telnet function, and on networklevel I am able to connect. However, I dont know the login credentials. It is not admin/admin, nor it is not my personal credentials I use for the...
  3. M

    RT-AC88U Admin Password bug

    I have an AC88U from 2016. Still a great router. It is currently configured with the latest firmware which is Firmware Version: I try to change my admin password once or twice a year. But about 12-18 months ago, I hit a snag and it now thinks the existing password I input on...
  4. O

    Asus Merlin guest password not working

    Lately my guest network password isn't recognized as correct. I tried on several computers, and both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. It used to work perfectly, but at some point after an update or reset, it stopped working. I use WPA2-personal AES and a 12 character password. The normal network works fine. I...
  5. Yota

    Tutorial How to reset encrypted admin password via SSH

    Asus and Asuswrt-Merlin have introduced encrypted passwords since and 384.17 firmware, which I appreciate, but I messed up a few days ago. I tried backing up all encrypted password hashes in nvram in ssh and re-writing to nvram, but I found that even though nvram didn't change...
  6. J

    Problem changing admin password

    Hello, this is the first time I post something on this forum. For some reason, I can login with the password. But when I trying to change the password, it shows the message "the old password was incorrect". The problem occurred in both the stock Asuswrt firmware and Asuswrt-Merlin firmware. I...
  7. Spc

    Asus merlin: 386.3_2 - New nvram executable produces errors in nvram save

    I am testing latest merlin firmware. I have 3 routers: 1. RT-AC68U 2. RT-AC86U 3. RT-AX86U All are set as: Operation Mode:Wireless router Firmware Version:386.3_2 Same firmware, same settings. If i set password for wireless (without quoutes): "ThisIsATestP4ssword " With the space at the...
  8. osajoseph

    Solved Possibility to increase the length of the password (16 characters for the moment) ?

    Hi guys, The security aspect is important and many people have more than 12 characters. In my case, I have more than 16 and I have to change the HTML attribute maxlength="16" to a higher value at each connection. It would be interesting to increase the password length to at least 20 characters...
  9. Divader

    Admin password changed after installing Merlin

    I just flashed the latest Merlin firmware on my Asus RT-AC5300 from the default and now I'm unable to log in. I didn't see any documentation saying the password would change and it seems strange since it's my understanding that no other settings are supposed to change either. I tried the default...
  10. D

    N5200 Pro can't access web configuration

    Recently I purchased a used N5200 Pro off of eBay. The item wouldn't pass self-test at the time I purchased it. I reseated the RAM and it passes self-test and completes the boot process without any problem. It does not indicate any alarms or failures on the front panel, but the power...
  11. R

    Router information website needs to be https

    Hey guys, I need some support to fill my websites database. Its about registering the default settings of a router to help people find their default password, username, IP etc. Have a look at my website called Routersnitch please. If you like it you can share it.
  12. S


  13. Tuba

    AICloud Cloud Disk Authentication method message

    I have an RT-N66u router with a USB stick plugged in as my NAS so I can watch movies with other devices on my network. If I setup a new account and password in the router setting page "USB Application ->Network Place (Samba) Share / Cloud Disk" and try to access it via the AiCloud app on my...
  14. O

    Samba sharing can't handle '$' (dollar sign) in passwords...

    Hi, I hope this is the right place to report: I've attempted to connect to a Samba share served by an RT-68U running 380.66_2 from a Windows 10 machine, and found that I can't authenticate to the share if I used a password that contains a dollar sign ($). Replacing it with something...
  15. A

    [RT-N66U_380.64_2] Password lost for UI

    Hi All, I have just upgraded the firmware for Asus RT-N66U from 378.53 to 380.64_2. Once it has completed I have been forwarded to the new router login page which is now web based. It turns out that after the upgrade it no longer accepts the password I had before nor the default "admin"...
  16. sfx2000

    FAQ - Reserved Characters/Names - SSID/Passwords/Hostnames/Domains

    Maintaining/updating this list - I've tried to capture most of the characters/words/ranges to avoid - if there are more, please reply to this thread and I'll update the list... Changelist 08/9/22 - update for Thread IOT reserved HLD's (.home, .service) 08/11/19 - quick update about reserved...