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This one is the popular around:

This one is the same hardware with no ROG branding:

This one is the popular around:

This one is the same hardware with no ROG branding:

tyvm Sir guessing have one of these as a main router and if you need to extend get backhaul Aimesh with slightly cheaper AX model maybe the AX68U will stick for the time being and twist once the AC68U are EOL
Yes, it isn't the 'tuf' brand. The GT-AX6000 is a model number.
maybe the AX68U

No, router with multiple reported issues, no firmware update for a year and already replaced by Asus with other AX3000 class routers.

guessing have one of these as a main router

If you have no interest in 3rd party firmware you can go much cheaper with 2x TUF-AX3000 V2. This model has good reviews and currently around £100 price on Amazon UK. It's a similar hardware to RT-AX58U V2, also known as RT-AX3000 V2. The TUF variant adds 2.5GbE WAN port. You can do an experiment for £200. If not happy with the results - send the routers back and look for better solutions. I would skip the entire AiMesh idea.
There are no extra issues for the RT-AX68U other than those normally found with any other router.

RMerlin just issued an update for it a few days ago (based on Asus' GPL drop).

Of the multiple installs I've done with this model, none have failed. If they do, there is a warranty, and depending on where you buy them from, even better than the manufacturer's warranty.

I don't know what armchair agenda some have against the RT-AX68U (particularly when one doesn't even run Asus routers at all), but the model has proven solid and performant for my customers and myself.
Routers with long firmware delays hit End-Of-Life list first. AX56U is already there, AX92U is already there, next will be perhaps AX58U V1 followed by AX68U. Entry level routers get there faster. AX68U is AX2700 class - marketed lower than AX58U V1. It also uses weird radio configuration no other Asus router has. Seeing it often on liquidation price is another good indication it will disappear soon, if not already gone. Nothing below AX86U Pro has a chance for survival in next 4-5 years. Technology moves faster now, Wi-Fi 7 products are out. There is marketing involved.
For nodes and/or Media Bridges, EOL doesn't pertain to them.

Everything is on sale (regularly) that is the new 'base' price, don't you know?

I don't care where it 'rates' in Asus' lineup. All I know it is one performant piece of equipment for its price point.
What I know is this RT-AX68U device is not highly recommended anywhere. My agenda is protecting people with less information from buying equipment facing EoL. This model is not even available anymore in some regions. Many signs to stay away from it. The major sign is the fact only 4 devices on the market were ever produced in this configuration and all of them were already replaced with something else. Our friend @HMRK already has 2x Asus routers facing EoL. He doesn't need to pay for more. If they ever need AX class access points - proper PoE powered with VLAN support TP-Link Omada and Zyxel Nebula models are available in the UK starting from around £100. Better than Asus home routers and AiMesh and user friendly enough to setup.

Enough information provided to @HMRK. Time to make decisions.

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