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Alfa Networks USB 802.11ax Adapter w/6e support

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Mediatek Chipset - works with Linux and Win10/11...

Alfa is my go to OEM for USB - very high quality builds, and good performance...
I tied some of their paddle antennas when messing with tmhi reception. They're worked fine but we're a bit bulky with needing 4 of them. As for the op though, mtk wouldn't be my first choice for a chip. Now if they sold it as an enclosure and put your own inside then it would be something to consider. $80 for a wifi adapter is a bit lofty and ambitious.

Breaking things down $20 for the card and maybe another $20 for the enclosure means paying double for what you can cobble together.
Main thing here is that it's another WiFi-6E client device - not everyone can install an intel M2 card...

Slightly less bulky...
Slightly less bulky
I think the Netgear one would be easier to deal with for size. But like I said it would be more appealing as an enclosure with the freedom to put your choice of card inside.

What would be nice is if Intel had an AX411 variant that didn't require cnvio. It's nice to have the extra bandwidth on larger files.
Netgear one would be easier to deal with

LOL - that's like "Jumbo Shrimp" or "Military Intelligence"...

That being said, they're all similar chipsets, so it does depend on the use-case at hand...

I agree that it would be nice to have an AX411 variant without cnvio, as that would drop in for devices that have m2 slots, but that's probably another thread...

Having a USB solution is good, as it's been, what 5 years now with WiFi6, and there hasn't been a lot of options outside of an intel AX card.
There are a few out there depending on how much bulk you want but, that one is the smallest option to build off of. It also gives the option of using it with a cellular modem since it has a SIM built in as well.

I did do some digging around, and there's been a number of requests for info regarding AX201e and adapters like you've linked in this thread - and nobody has been able to make it work with a B-key'ed slot...

These adapters do work for M2 and Mini-PCIe modem cards because they are natively USB... see pinout below...


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